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1.Offline solution PLUG & PLAY

(LED Screen)

(Digital Signage)

If you have only one screen, or have no internet access, you might need a simple way to manage your screen and content.

We offer you an offline solution, which allows you to PLUG & PLAY, no more settings, no more remote control, no more internet access, just put your media content in the USB stick, plug in B40/B50/B60 media player, or your own digital signage devices, it will take content to the player automatically, then it will play in a loop without the USB stick.

If you still need to make a schedule for controlling and playing, just like online solution, you can create advertising with video, image, text, television, live show and so on, export them as a file to the media player, plug and play. When you need play log, you can connect internet, the play log will upload to cloud automatically.

When you need to switch it from offline model to online model, just connect to internet, it will switch to online model.

  • No need internet access, no need IP address, play independent.
  • Create advertising from platform, make schedule, export it as a file to the media player
  • USB stick plug and play
  • You can connect internet and upload play log back to platform when you need it.
  • It support TV program or other video sources in.
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