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1.LED screen online solution

DoMedea provide service and solutions for operating digital media business, including devices management (LED screen, Digital Signage, LCD, Kiosk,Video wall, LED Sign, Pad and Projector), producing media content, publishing advertising, device and advertising monitoring and control, build advertising community etc.

2.Publish advertising

If you got lots of location, they are in different places, and with different resolution, you need a platform to manage and control them.

Use DoMedea CMS system, you can easily upload media, create template, create advertising, publish them and get play log, follow the steps to get it done.

3.Manage devices remotely

You can control your devices like you are just beside them, turn on/off, sleep/wake up, play/stop, take picture etc.

4.Build your own server

DoMedea control and management system used for manage more locations, different kind of equipment like LED screen, Digital Signage, LCD, Video wall, LED Sign, PAD and Projector etc, you can build your own data server, media server, mobile server to get faster speed and more data & media storage.

Take this for example, if you have a chain store, got LED screen outside, LED sign on the entrance, and lots of LCD and Digital Signage inside the store, there are some solutions to build server.

  • 1- Use VPN private network, put data server and media server in your headquater, all the devices will be connected to the VPN server, it’s wide area network but with local area network privacy, all the devices worldwide can be connected.
  • 2-Use cloud server, bandwidth, storage and network flow are more flexible, more safe.
  • 3-Managed servers from local carrier, it’s www based, anyone can access from anywhere.
  • 4-If you want each store run advertising separately, you can also build a local area network inside the store, phone and PC also available to control them only when you are in the store.

Use your own server, you can also create advertising and schedule, publish advertising, broadcasting & Live show, at the same time, build a control room to monitor equipment and audience.


Build a monitor room, everything under control, and the system will inform related people by SMS & mail, to make sure adverting will be played on time.

There are max 2 cameras around LED screen or Digital Signage, you can use phone to take picture whenever you want.

Different engineer can take care of different devices, just separate them into different groups.

Monitor different devices at the same time, highlight some if you like.


Control system-DoMedea support Novastar, Linsn, colorlight, mooncell or other

Resolution-You might have different resolution in different location, especially LED screen, it becomes difficult to make media content to fit all the devices. With DoMedea solution, it will fit the device automaticly.

Device-LED screen, Digital Signage, LED Sign, LCD, Tablet & Projector.

Network-Ethernet, WIFI, 3G/4G


Auto calculate number of audience all time.

Analyze their age, gender

The calculate device work properly both inside and outside.

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