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1.How DoMedea works

Most of the CMS on the market support content manage and publish, mainly used in Digital Signage industry. Based on that we develop a DoMedea system to manage content, LED displays, accessories, environment etc specially for LED displays industry.


All the digital devices including LED screen, Digital Signage, LED Signs, Projector, LED Video Wall etc can be connected and controlled by DoMedea system.

You can build your own server to host it, or you can use our free cloud to run it.


The system based on browser server architecture, no need to install extra software, just use Chrome to log in and use it.

Also Android and iOS APP DoManager is available.

4.Smart hardware

LED display is only for showing, except that there are other part like control system, monitoring system, power system, and other kits. We designed some smart hardware to make the display system a full solution, all the hardware can be monitored and controlled remotely, and all related data will be stored on the server.

Media player-B60

Before, to control LED screen,we need a computer plus a sending box (or card) to make it work.

Now with B60 android based media player, it can replace computer + sending box, it's the local brain of the display, when all the strategy was set, it can work with and without internet.

  • Takes content and schedule from server
  • Send play log, environment data, control data, alert and error info to server
  • Connect with other smart hardware locally
  • Make play and control strategy
  • compatible with Nova, Linsn, ColorLight etc main brand on the market

Power box-P300

It's a safer and smarter power box.

  • Customize On/Off daily schedule
  • Get power consumption
  • Get temperature, humidity, brightness, smoke
  • Power off when water leaks, smoking or on fire
  • Start heating when temperature low and start cooling when temperature high

Live Camera-Cam2

No need to make an inspection tour to all locations everyday, to make sure if the screens work fine or not, if the advertising played properly, you can use Cam2 (P2P camera).

Build a monitoring room in the office, everything under control.

Crowd detector-A20

The A20 can help you to detect how many visitors in the location.


You need assistant to help you with those figures when there are hundreds of screens, it will be helpful before made business decisions.

  • what's the status of user increasing
  • Which city, and how many displays located there.
  • what's the internet traffic, storage using
  • what's the power consumption for all year
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