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1.DoMedea cloud platform

DoMedea cloud platform focus on digital media industry, we manage all the process from manage digital devices (LED screen, Digital Signage, LCD,Kiosk, Video wall, LED Sign, Pad, projector etc), design multimedia, publish advertising, recognize number of audience, their age, remote control of hardware and media content, build community, to advertising operation.

It’s open platform, sign up for free and add your devices to the list, use PC or Phone to control and manage devices and advertising. We have customer from Hongkong, Thailand, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Israel, UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil etc. It’s been using in Shopping mall, Hotel, transportation station, School, CCTV room, Government, Financing, Arena etc.


Use the interaction system, you can communicate with your customer, marketing your product and services, and get feedback from them instantly.

There are few ways

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Platform message

Precision marketing

With our face recognition technology, we can provide you number of audience, their age, gender etc, Advertisers have the possibility to find their own target audience, customize what they need, improve advertising, and provide better product and service.


DoMedea cloud use distributed computing and storage, hosting server all over the world, to get faster media storage and data transmission.

China, Shenzhen

Europe, Frankfurt,Germany

America, San Francisco, USA

Asia, Hongkong

File format

Hardware decoding technology & software decoding technology ensure that the advertising will be played smoothly, we support most of the popular file format

Video-MP4, WMV, RMVB,FLV, AVI, RM, 3GP, MPEG1/2/4, DivX/XviD, REAL8/9/10, M4V, MOV, MKV, VOB, DAT





We provide 2 different kind of user

Enterprise user-You can add sub-account with it, and setup different authority for different sub-account (like Hardware maintenance, advertising maker, advertising publish, supervisor etc, different sub-account take care of different devices),and track their operating record.

Personal user-Used for managing devices and create advertising, and publish them, but personal user can not create sub-account.


Bandwidth, network flow, storage are adjustable.

Distributed Server with hardware and software fire wall.

Strong publish advertising auditing facilities, make sure you send right advertising to the right location. Set different authority for different user to get better safety.

After build your own server in your own place, you can synchronize all the data with DoMedea Cloud, including Location, Device, Advertising, Template, User log etc.

The whole platform including Media player, Data & Media server, Mobile server, PC server, Android & iOS Application, there’s no need to install any software from PC, just browse and you can use it. For the player, you can remote update.

Few steps to use it

  • Sign up from domedea.com
  • Scan and add devices
  • Upload media
  • Create advertising
  • Publish advertising & manage deivces

2.Manage everything from DoMedea

On the smart advertising media industry back to 20 years before, people use projectors to do advertising in the airport, transportation and shopping malls, after DLP, LCD & PDP comes to the market and start to be popular, 10 years ago the revolution comes again and LED screen is the main actor.

So if you are in the business for some time, you must have different digital equipment with you or your customer, and with different control system to control them separately. You need different engineers to maintenance and control, need different spare parts in stock, need to do educate customer different control systems again and again, what’s more, if you sell the equipment, you never know how it works after.

Now it’s possible to have a full package solution with it.

With DoMedea cloud platform, you can manage all your digital advertising equipment like LED screen, Digital signage, LCD, LED sign, video wall etc. in one platform, the integrated platform helps you to publish advertising, remote control them, change brightness, live monitor the hardware and media content, all the play and control record there, you can use both PC & Mobile to access the system, lots of exciting features there.

Register on domedea.com, and use it for free now.


If you have hundreds of locations, you might want to build your own server with DoMedea pre-build for your own use, but if you have less than that, DoMedea cloud is a good option, you get always updated service but pay less.

We provide Saas(Software as a service) to help you publish advertising, monitor locations, control your equipment etc, it’s easy to choose different service based on what you need.

With SaaS service, you’ll not only get scalable service (bigger storage, longer service, more customized functions), also with DoMedea Cloud you’ll have safer, faster (Cloud covered America, Europe, Asia and Africa) service.

When you grow your business to a certain level, and you are ready to build your own server in house, DoMedea Cloud is capable of synchronizing all your advertising, media content, play schedule, users, log to the local server. You also can upload everything to the Cloud when you need.

3.DoMedea,Brain of advertising

For many years, we use traditional billboard or revolving billboard for indoor and outdoor advertising business. When we got jobs, print advertising, change the poster once in a few months, that’s it.

Today when the digital technology revolution comes, it changed the way of whole advertising industry, we need more attractive way to catch audience’s attention, need more colorful and better content design advertising, to give different product features to different group of audience, also provide data to help decision maker where should they put advertising, and how’s the feedback.

To manage 10 locations with digital media equipment might not be a problem for our brain, but with hundreds and thousands of locations, it’s a big challenge. Then we need another brain to think and deliver for us.

That’s what we’ve been working on, to build an intelligent media platform which can think like brain.

With the DoMedea brain, you can

  • -Create, publish & manage your advertising.
  • -Integrate with your digital advertising equipment like LED display, LCD wall, Digital signage, LED Sign, Video wall, Projector & Tablet, to manage, monitor and control them remotely.
  • -Interact with audience, enjoy what you present.
  • -Locate your equipment from map, build your control room
  • -Analyse audience, what’s the density, their gender, their age, their nations, to find your target.
  • -Big data will report you what’s the cost and income of each location, cost of the equipment and locations, running cost like electricity, maintenance etc.
  • -Invite your friends and customers join the community, share locations and equipment to have a bigger network, create more possibilities.

4.DoMedea-Brain of advertising


Through different level of secure design, DoMedea provide you safety Cloud to ensure you publish & run your advertising safely.

Safety cloud

Real-time monitoring server, analyze and response whenever there’s a risk, optimize safety prevention model.

DoMedea Cloud real-time backup data through the server cluster, disk array, and have several system image in different machines, when one of the machine fails, it will switch to other machine automaticly.

When system fails, DATA ROLL BACK strategy helps to recover back to the last note.

Hardware firewall plus software solutions, it will real-time protect server and applications, help to prevent malicious intrusion.

System and Transmission

DoMedea advertising management platform based on LINUX, industrial-strength safety standards and high efficiency.

The platform includes Server, Player, Mobile, Camera and other peripheral unit, all the transmission protocol was been encrypted irreversibly, it will ensure all the process safe and reliable.

User rights

If you are Enterprise user, you might have more than one sub-account for different purpose, we have strict user rights to protect confidential data, allow less user get involve in it, and all the process are traceable.

You have to preview and verify all the advertising before you publish them, make sure the content is properly.

Data storage

All the multi-media and user information are encrypted irreversibly before storage.

Code itself are decompile before publish to prevent it from being tampered.

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