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Feature Specs


Fine Pitch mesh is high transparency,quick installation,easy maintenance,light weight and flexible mesh screen,which is suitable for different creative media facade projects.
Fine Pitch mesh is high transparency light weight and fiexible mesh screen,which is suitable for different creatice media facade projects

Product Specification

Protection grade IP67,anti-UV resistance,flame retardant VO,electrical safety Class lll,all these allows the mesh to be working effectively with stanility in outdoor enviroment.The pixel mesh can work with different size/shape,with beam angle 120°,suitable for various solutions (advertising signs,large screens & facades etc...)

vMesh advertising signs,large screens & media facades application

High brightness, light weight, easy maintenance, fast installation, flexible shapes for different demands.

High brightness and  light weight flexible Fine Pitch in China

Fine Pitch screen controller with plus and play functions,can be online controlled.

Malaysia media façade led ball project in university
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