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3 common Dubai LED transparent screen boxes

Dubai LED transparent screen is made of box splicing. Generally, the transparent screen covers an area of more than 30 square meters, and is spliced by LED box, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, as well as transportation. What are the types of transparent LED display boxes in Dubai, what are their advantages and how to judge whether they are good or bad?

3 kinds of LED transparent screen box

1. Die-cast aluminum LED box

The mainstream and common LED boxes in the market are generally used in rental places, such as stage beauty, exhibition centers and other fields. It is characterized by standardized and rapid production, light weight, reasonable structure, high splicing accuracy, and can realize seamless splicing, but it is not easy to customize. Therefore, this material will not be used for customized projects.

2. Aluminum profile LED box

The LED box, which is more common in the market, can be used in both the standard field and the customized field projects, such as glass curtain wall, ceiling, glass trestle and other customized fields. It is characterized by low density, light weight, high strength and good heat dissipation. Easy to install. However, the production cycle is slow, and there are slight gaps in the assembly, and the price will be higher.

LED film screen

3. Iron profile LED box

The LED box, which is not common in the market, can be used in both standard and customized fields. It is characterized by heavy weight, but slow production cycle, slight gap in assembly and low price. Another trend worthy of attention is the carbon fiber box, although it has not been used in the industry at present. However, in the field of ultra-thin transparent screens, once the technology and market acceptance are high, they should be able to be applied in the future.

The above is the introduction of three kinds of Dubai LED transparent screen boxes. In addition, we should remind you that the box area is between 0.2 square meters and 2 square meters, and the box is too large for installation, transportation and removal. The box is too small, which will increase the production and purchase costs of LED transparent screen manufacturers.

Dubai LED transparent screen

How to judge the quality of Dubai LED transparent screen box?

Some people say that the quality of the box can be roughly judged by its appearance. Is that true? At present, the transparent LED panels produced by many LED manufacturers are similar. Even if the appearance is different, the construction principle is the same, such as circuit boards, lamp beads, wires, etc. So if you can’t judge good or bad only by appearance, you also need to identify it in the following ways:

1. Brightness comparison: stick the acrylic plate close to the same number of modules and then slowly raise it for a short distance to see whether the brightness of the lamp beads can meet your requirements. Of course, it is more direct to put the module directly in the word.

2. While watching the brightness, check whether the light of the lamp bead is uniform. When observing the white light, pay attention to whether there is color difference (this is very important). If you cover it with a thin white paper, you may not be able to see it, so you need to use a certain thickness of acrylic. Whether there is color difference is the most important part to distinguish the quality of transparent display, and it is also one of the main reasons for the price difference of LED transparent display.

3. Wire identification. High quality wire, UL certified, these are not reliable according to the manufacturer’s instructions of LED transparent screen, so the most direct way is to remove the skin and count the number of wire cores inside! Modules with 15, 17, 19 cores and even 20, 30 cores should be no worse than modules with 14, 11 cores, and vice versa.

4. Lamp bead temperature. After lighting up for a period of time, touch the LED lamp beads with your hand. If the temperature is very high or even hot, it must not be as stable as low temperature.

5. Solder joint quality. You can directly check the welding condition of the lamp bead. The full solder joint proves that the welding process is good, and the high brightness proves that the solder is good; The serious problem is faulty welding, which is easy to cause poor contact and subsequent maintenance.

Although Dubai’s LED transparent screen industry has only developed for a few years, its development prospects are very broad. The main reason is that modern buildings mainly use glass curtain walls. According to relevant statistics, the total area of China’s modern glass curtain wall has exceeded 90 million square meters, and this huge market space needs to be explored by major LED display manufacturers. If this commercial area is excavated, it will create a different era of outdoor media advertising.

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