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5 common creative LED screens

Definition of creative LED display
Common creative LED display types
Features of creative LED display
Five common creative LED displays

Creative LED display screen is no longer defined as a special-shaped screen. In addition to the LED display screen with special shape, we can also combine other artistic elements to achieve more prominent visual effects, such as integrating machinery, combining landscape devices, adding painting elements, etc. These are the embodiment of creative LED display screen. Because of the needs of the market, creative LED displays break the limitations of traditional LED displays and give us more options so as to bring better visual effects. Creative LED display can customize the shape and size of the screen according to the theme, installation environment, and building structure, so that it can better integrate into the surrounding environment without any sense of conflict. LED creative screen can not only attract the audience’s attention at the first time to achieve better publicity effect, but also better expand the application range of large screen splicing.

Common creative LED display types

At present, our common creative LED displays include bare eye 3D large screen, magic cube screen, LED transparent screen, mechanical intelligent LED display, landscape sculpture LED display, image LED display and various LED special-shaped screens.

Among them, the image LED display screen is a creative LED screen with a new concept. When the screen is off, the screen body is a customized pattern, not a black one. When it is lit, it is a conventional LED display screen.

creative LED screen

Features of creative LED display

Creative LED display is based on the concept of innovation and creativity, pursuing better visual presentation, with strong rendering power, full personality and amazing effect, which is unanimously recognized by everyone.

Five common creative LED displays

Mall led display

1. Curved creative LED display

It plays an important role in the LED display market. Curved creative LED displays are widely installed in sports fields, building facades and TV studios to provide better visual experience. In addition, they can also be designed to be cylindrical and installed on columns and other creative curve designs to attract attention.

Digital Signage Manufacturers

2. Spherical creative LED display

Spherical creative LED display screen is designed to meet shopping creativity. Shopping centers, science museums or planetariums provide immersive and charming visual effects. In addition, they can also be designed as polyhedral displays or curved ceiling LED displays of giant theme parks or aquariums to provide impressive visual enjoyment.

Brazil's LED display screen

3. Alien creative LED display

The special-shaped display screen is an irregular LED display screen. We can customize the appearance of the LED display screen at will according to the requirements of the project. It can be as simple as a round flat panel display, triangle or other shaped LED electronic screen. More interesting is that it can be any irregular three-dimensional shape and specially designed structure. Creative rental LED display, you can make extraordinary settings, such as flexible bending, folding rotation, hanging, wall hanging, dislocation and other shapes. Your imagination is the only limit. Take you to know six common LED special-shaped screens.

LED floor tile display

4. Interactive LED display

Interactive LED display screen is also a kind of creative LED display screen. Human interactive LED display screen is actually a human-screen interaction effect achieved by combining LED display screen and body-sense interaction system. This kind of display screen is mostly used in shopping malls and various scenic spots. It can capture the form, posture and action of characters, and then interact with each other through the effect of the display screen, which greatly improves the sense of participation of tourists. 8 minutes to understand the working principle of LED interactive tile screen.

Image LED display

5. Image LED display

The image LED display screen is an art mural when the screen is turned off and powered off. When it is turned on, it is no different from the normal display screen. It is very distinctive. It is rare in the market and has great potential for future development.

Now, the requirements for the appearance of LED display screens have been further improved, resulting in LED special-shaped display screens. The appearance of the special-shaped LED display screen breaks the fact that the large screen splicing system can only be spliced into a cold rectangular shape. It can be spliced into various irregular shapes to display some creative content at will. It can not only attract the audience’s attention at the first time to achieve better publicity effect, but also better expand the application scope of LED display screen splicing. In terms of technology, creative LED display must not only have the core technology of LED display, but also need rich artistic modeling, structural mechanics technology and experience. In the future, creative LED display will be applied to various applications, such as urban lighting, environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration, etc.

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