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8 aspects to consider when purchasing Dubai LED transparent screen

Transparent LED display screen, as a display device with more applications at present, more and more people are familiar with its application form. At present, the transparent LED panels produced by many manufacturers are similar. Even if the appearance is different, the construction principle is the same, such as circuit boards, lamp beads, wire rods, etc. LED display manufacturer introduces 8 aspects to consider when purchasing LED transparent screen in Dubai.Do you want to know the price of LED transparent screen?

1. Lamp bead

The theoretical life of LED devices is 100000 hours, which is much longer than the working life of other parts of the transparent LED display. As long as the LED devices are of guaranteed quality, the working current is appropriate, the PCB heat dissipation design is reasonable, and the display production process is rigorous, LED devices are one of the most durable parts of the transparent screen machine.

2. Power supply

The appearance of a good power supply will not be rough, and the internal components are arranged reasonably. High energy conversion rate can not only meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also save power and cost for users. The power supply with high efficiency has low temperature rise, which affects the stability and life of the power supply.

3. Controller

LED transparent screen can normally receive signals and display without the controller, which can be divided into asynchronous and synchronous modes. The excellent controller can maximally avoid the loss of signal, improve the consistency of the display screen, and the entire display screen is free of any color difference and color block.

Dubai LED transparent screen

4. Video processor

The video processor not only carries a lot of work such as image processing and analysis, encoding and decoding compression, but also embeds a lot of intelligent analysis algorithms to analyze massive high-definition data, which plays a more important role. Video processor also plays an important role in the operation of LED transparent screen.


Energy saving is an important standard to consider the performance of driving ICs. By optimizing the IC algorithm and designing to reduce the operating voltage and current of the drive IC, the power supply voltage and heat generation can be minimized to improve the efficiency of the LED transparent screen.

Dubai LED transparent screen

6. Brightness

Due to the characteristics of LED transparent screen, the brightness needs to be targeted. If it is purely indoor installation, it is recommended to use low brightness transparent screen products. Low brightness LED transparent screen costs less, which can save costs.

7. Stick a lamp

At present, LED transparent screen has two production methods, one is positive lighting, the other is side lighting. Although the transparency of side light is relatively high, the packaging technology of lamp beads needs to be tested in the market, while the positive light bulb uses the lamp beads of traditional LED display screen, and the quality is very stable after market testing.

Dubai LED transparent screen

8. Transparency

The purchase of LED transparent screen will naturally focus on its transparency. The LED transparent screen on the market is evolved from the grid screen and is composed of light bars. Its transparency will not be completely transparent, and the general transparency is 70% – 80%.

To sum up, when we consider buying LED transparent screens, we do not always consider the price factor. In order to save energy in the future use, the quality and service life of transparent screens are determined from the beginning of accessories. It should be measured from multiple dimensions. After the area and usage scenario are determined, the manufacturer is required to make a quotation. We can choose the screen size and model according to the actual situation.

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