Firefly Lane

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Firefly Lane

Tully because she grew up in the absence of a father and a mother\'s love environment, covered with thorns very sharp, she does not pursue the warmth of the family, but put the focus on the pursuit of career and success.

Achievement is gold to Tali, worth chasing in the mud.

She got her wish to become a young news anchor, fame and fortune.
But behind this seemingly beautiful scenery is the love, family love and companionship she abandoned in order to become famous.
She has the spotlight of light, but no family, love and children, the stage scenery of the infinite she has a deep loneliness.

Katie also fulfilled her dream, she has a happy family, but at the same time, she has no way to take care of their own career, because of family trifles, twin sons, and the conflict with the adolescent daughter make her deep whirlpool.
She is content with the status quo also satisfied with everything he has, but can not resist to envy Tully bright unconstrained life.

They envy each other, but always can\'t get away from the present life.
After many years, Tali again saw Chad, who had loved, can not help but feel lost. If she had chosen to find him, would her life now be a harmonious family with both children and children?

If she had chosen her career first, would she have had a life in the limelight?
Katie and Tully like the original choice of another life path of their own, live their own want another kind of life.

From the age of 14 to their 40s, they snuggled up to each other and were never absent from each other\'s lives, even when they were most disappointed.

Understand your hard work, read your grace, know you warm, forgive you mistakes, this is friendship.

Friends are important, is that we can quarrel, can make, but important moments I accompany you to cry with you laugh, accompany you through that lover can\'t touch the time.

As Katie wrote at the end:

Most of my life, I was disgusted with myself for not doing enough and not trying hard enough. It seems I can forgive my stupidity because I was too young.

I want my children to know that they are an honor to me and that I am deeply proud of myself. All I needed was us as a family, and everything I ever wanted came true.

Love. That\'s all I remember.

By Allen