The second sostron debate competition

Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

debate competition


The second debate competition is open! The theme of this debate competition is who to go with and where to go.

Participating in the debate competition can improve the ability of logical thinking, because the debate stresses that the logic is consistent and the expression level is clear. Therefore, the ability in this field can be trained by participating in the debate competition. The ability of logical thinking is one of the most important aspects of our learning. Even a very important ability in work. We often admire a person\'s speech. The main reason is that his speech is very hierarchical and logical, so everyone will think that this person can do things in a logical way.
It can be seen that logical thinking ability is very helpful not only for work but also for learning, and debate competition can improve this ability.

The topics of this debate are very important. Both partners and goals are indispensable and complementary to each other in our life. In our work, we have the same goals. It happens that we have a group of small partners who are struggling to develop in this direction. This is the significance of our debate. I hope we can grow together in this environment, and the internship is ideal.

The second debate was successfully concluded, and everyone was working hard for their team. We all have a lot of feelings and like what they can learn from it. That is, let\'s guess which team won. Yes, it\'s our positive direction. What\'s more important is that this team won the game!
If it were you, which side would you choose to be important?