Basic knowledge of freight forwarding

Wednesday, July 6, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

On Thursday evening, July 7, 2022, Iris shared the basics of freight forwarding. Her last job was as a freight forwarder in Hunan Province, so she learned about the process and knowledge of freight forwarding. In the foreign trade industry, the connection between factories and freight forwarders is very close, and they all need to serve customers. As long as the same customer is encountered, the salesperson of the factory needs to cooperate with the freight forwarder to negotiate the delivery time and the size of the goods. Therefore, the content of this sharing meeting is very beneficial to every sales of SoStron.


In tonight\'s sharing session, Iris explained several important points for the salesmen in the factory. She mentioned how to calculate the size of the whole container(LCL) at the time of shipment, and how much cargo can be accommodated in different sizes of containers. For those who have no experience in the process of cargo transportation or import and export, the professional terms of international freight are not very familiar. Iris also explained all the professional vocabulary involved, such as EXW, FOB, ETA, ETD and so on. Some colleagues mentioned that when customers place orders, they often ask for help in finding a professional freight forwarder, but they do not know how to distinguish whether a freight forwarder is professional and the price is reasonable.


Basic knowledge of freight forwarding


For this question, Iris listed the following reference criteria:

1. Understand the operating time and scale of the freight forwarding company;

2. Whether it has perfect services;

3. Understand the company\'s advantageous channels;

4. Post on social media to ask about the freight price, there will be many references.


The above is the main content shared by Iris on Thursday, which has brought a lot of help to the SoStron family, and also has a certain understanding of the basic knowledge of freight forwarding. We believe they will be more professional when choosing freight forwarders for customers in the future. 

By Iris