Experience and feelings from the Reading Club of "Moments We Shared"

Aug 31, 2022

On Thursday night, September 1, 2022, Bailey shared the book " Moments We Shared ". First of all, Bailey explained the content and characters of this book according to her own PPT. Everyone has a preliminary understanding of this book, and the story clues of the whole book are relatively clear. This book mainly tells about the family, friendship, and love of the protagonist's life, and the process of slowly finding himself in the end. Everyone was moved by the characters in the book, and everyone shared their feelings.

Rachel has also read this book. After sharing, she shared her feelings after reading this book, and told the three most profound fragments. The characters are depicted very delicately in the book, and the details between the protagonist and the grandmother are very detailed, and they can remind everyone of their own family members. Everyone shared their own family stories. Among them, Aira\'s sharing touched me . Everyone has an untouchable emotion in their hearts. By sharing this book, Bailey mainly wants to express: We should cherish the moment, cherish everyone around us, and at the same time we should chat more with our family, maybe we can\'t accompany their side all the time for some reason, but we have to let them feel our love in other ways, share our daily moments with them.


Moments We Shared


The above is what Bailey mainly shared on Thursday. Through this sharing,SoStron family is deeply touched and will cherish the moment more and keep moving forward.