Confessions in the World

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

The book I want to share with you today is "Confessions in the World". This book tells the love story of her and her lover from school uniforms to wedding dresses. It is also a confession book about love after life and death. She and her husband met in high school, went through a long period of time together, and finally entered the palace of marriage. In 2016, their son Peanut also came, and the family of three lived a happy little life. Maybe God envy them for being so happy. In August 2017, Xiaohu was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor announced that they only had three months. When I feel better, my family goes out to travel and live a serious life. On March 2, 2019, the day before their wedding anniversary, Xiao Hu left. At that time, Peanut was less than 3 years old. People who love each other so much can't accompany each other to the end, how can they not regret it?

Although this book does not have very flowery rhetoric, nor is it a literary work, it is a true story, and I think it is quite touching. Use the most simple sentences to record these times of them.


Confessions in the World


Although she experienced severe pain, she did not become depressed and complained endlessly. She took her son and re-entered the arms of life. She set up her own painting studio, and in her spare time, she earnestly cooks three meals a day for Peanuts. She also takes Peanuts out to see the world with her friends. Except for the occasional silence in the middle of the night, when thoughts come like a tidal wave, she writes to Xiaohu. letter, crying in the shower. She said in the book: The dead are freed, but the living have begun a long self-redemption. She not only redeemed herself, but also warmed thousands of readers. This book gave me a new perspective on life. How the future will be and what will happen, no one will know what kind of heart to face when something good or bad happens in the future, and the only firm answer is: never give up the love for life and enthusiasm for life , after that, to believe that everything will slowly get better.