Elite Hero

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One of the best things about heroes is that they don't have that kind of narrow nationalism, that they don't demonize or symbolize the character. As the main villain of the Japanese, there are Fumio Funakukoshi such a visionary, capable and kind elderly, not to mention the beautiful, kind, gentle Mitsuko Yamada. Even the arch-villain militarist, Tsuyoshi Fujita, is a man of power and means, a man to tremble with fear and a toothache to hate. The character of Fist of Fury is too easy by comparison. The success of Fist of Fury movie is mainly due to the skill of Bruce Lee as an actor. It can even be said that without Bruce Lee Fist of Fury, it directly becomes an ordinary fun movie. And also because of that there are some problems, like this Chen Zhen is too much like Bruce Lee to be distinguishable from Bruce Lee's other characters. Jingwu hero is the whole story is attractive, the three fights each have a moral, fighting Jie Chuan Longyi, Chen Zhen with Huo Jia Quan, is to promote the advantages of Chinese martial arts, fighting Huo Tingen, Chen Zhen with boxing, criticized the flashy part of Chinese martial arts, the final battle, highlights the wisdom is stronger than strong.


Elite Hero


The two versions of Chen Zhen have their own characteristics, but in terms of the quality of the non-protagonist, especially the villain, the Jingwu hero is much deeper.As a representative of the "old school" kungfu, Huo Yuanjia's son Huo Tingen is not a stereotypical image from beginning to end. Start for Chen Zhen open coffin to talk, the middle also expressed the dissatisfaction of the word "endure", overall, he and Chen Zhen is not a holiday. But the new concepts Chen Zhen brought back were so contrary to the traditional martial arts he adhered to that he fell into self-doubt. In the face of the younger brothers of Chen Zhen, his prestige swept, so eager to show themselves establish prestige, put forward the contest, and finally lost to degenerate. It also points out an idea of the film: "The courage to accept new things, learn from each other will grow, the old complacency will be eliminated". And finally in the face of foreign enemies, Huo Tingen regardless of face, take the initiative to find Chen Zhen don't have.


There is a special set of scenes, so that when Huo Tingen arrives, Chen Zhen is not at home, so that through his dialogue with Mitsuko to express the character's change of mind - he also began to praise Mitsuko, the Japanese.


After Chen Zhen comes back, Huo Tingen faces the duel of uncertain life and death the next day, the decision teaches the Huo Jia fist that does not spread outside Chen Zhen this "outsider", so far, two people put past quarrels behind them, Huo Tingen also completed the character by "old" turn "new" character growth. It is natural and reasonable, and the story is smooth and convincing.