Movie Flipped Comparative Analysis of Family Education values

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1) Julie's family values


1. The concept of equality. In the film, Julie is deeply influenced by her father, who represents the mainstream American concept of father and has deep love for his children. When Julie saw some workers cutting the sycamore tree , she was sad and has nothing can be done. Julie puts her deep feelings on the tree, which not only let her see the beautiful scenery, but also witnessed her braw childhood and her imagination for the future. Julie could not understand the world of adults, julie’s father could detect Julie's loss. He drew the same sycamore tree with a brush and hung it on the daughter's room. At night, let it accompany her to sleep and she could see the tree when she woke up, hoping that her daughter would always remember the memory of the tree. The father did not talk many great truths, but paid more attention to the child's feelings and comforted the child in a unique way, At the same time, leave space for children to think independently.


Julie's brothers loves music. Her father understands and supports them, which shows her parents' openness. Although it is difficult to give them a rich material life, they provide space for their children to develop freely, and support and help them emotionally. It is difficult for ordinary parents to respect and recognize their children's choices. The open-minded and open-minded parents are also reflected in the equal status and rights of family members. Neither children nor parents can interfere with the legitimate rights and interests of others.


Julie's mother is a kind and beautiful mother. When Julie knew that the reason why Bryce threw eggs was that her family yard was messy, she announced at the dinner table that she would repair the yard. However, due to the constraints of economic conditions, it was difficult to achieve, so her parents had a fierce argument. This touched Julie's heart. She realized the actual reason why her parents didn't build the courtyard. At night, the parents apologized to Julie for worrying that the quarrel would hurt her daughter, which also reflected the deep feelings between the parents. They take their children's opinions seriously. They do not stop them because it is difficult to achieve, but actively try to overcome difficulties. Their families respect and unite with each other, demonstrating the equal right to dialogue between families.


2. Respect your family. Bryce's father discriminated against them because of the dilapidated car and the ugly courtyard. The reason why Julie's family is in financial straits is that they spend a lot of money to send Daniel (Uncle Julie), a mentally retarded family member, to a private hospital for treatment. They would rather economize on food and clothing, but also treat brothers and sisters kindly. Although Daniel has increased the family's financial burden, they never thought of giving up. Julie's father's words at the dinner table are both philosophical and powerful. "Many times, in order to achieve the right thing, we must make sacrifices." He believes that the medical ability of private hospitals is more adaptable to Daniel's medical treatment. His practice not only reflects his concern and love for his family, but also respects every member of the family based on the humanitarian spirit.


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2) Bryce Losch's Family Values


Julie's family atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, which is very different from the solemn and rigorous life of the Bryce family. In contrast, the film hero Bryce Losch is the key figure in Julie's pursuit of love. Compared with Julie, he is immature and confused. His poor independence is a reflection of the children of the new era who grew up in a stable environment. When the camera moves from Julie's smiling face to Bryce's face, his expression is extremely reluctant, frowning and looking disgusted. Just like his pictures and expression statements, when Julie is constantly pursuing and approaching Bryce, Bryce treats her with an indifferent expression and attitude.


Chet Duncan is the hero's grandfather and his thought guide. When Bryce was confused about his future direction and outlook on life, his grandfather let him know something about Julie's family to eliminate his misunderstanding of Julie. As far as Julie is concerned, only her grandfather would like to be close to her in the Bryce family. The father of the hero, Stephen Losch, despised Julie's family from the bottom of his heart and did not want to be friends with them. He did not understand why the hero only painted when his family was poor. He never provided his son Bryce with the right values. In the film, Stephen gave the audience the impression that he was a young man who had a dream of music, but the reality made him give up his dream. When the children discussed their dreams at the party, Steven showed no confidence at all. This reflects the same performance of most people in the social environment at that time: starting from the dream and ending by the reality.


In spite of this, we still see the status of women in Bryce's mother, Mrs. Losch. In the play, her voice determines her dominant position in the family. She said, "We're going to invite the Becks to dinner." Here, she uses the subjective language "we". When she objects to the husband who is full of contempt for the Becks, she repeats her decision tone, directly showing the strength of "I make the decision, so decide". When her husband disagreed with the specifications of the banquet, she said again that it was a dinner party.


To remind everyone to dress appropriately. From this dialogue, Mrs. Rosicky's high status in the family can be reflected, and her attitude to things is consistent, which fully reflects the strong subjective consciousness of American women in that era, and her family status has improved accordingly.


3、 Conclusion


Julie in Beating Heart is the representative of American women, who are persistent, brave, confident and beautiful; They are self loving, self respecting, self strengthening and independent; They want complete personality, freedom and equality; They do everything well to realize their dreams; They love life, are optimistic, and treat life with infinite enthusiasm. The analysis of the female consciousness and cultural values reflected in the movie "Beating Heart" provides some experience for Chinese women to learn from the American female spirit. We should learn from their spirit of striving for equal rights and their wisdom and mind of innovation, tolerance and self reflection. While learning their spirit of freedom, equality and independence, we should also attach importance to the harmonious and selfless love between the sexes, so as to achieve the goal of a harmonious family and a happy life.