May someone accompany you to wander from place to place

Friday, November 11, 2022 at 7:12:46 AM GMT+00:00

The author of this book tells stories that happened to him or around him from 5 themes, about life, about friendship, about dreams, about love and about time.


The book says: "The most important thing in a person's life is to find his own ideas and have his own set of system. No matter how well others are doing, they will not throw away their own lives because of it."




The "resonance" I felt while reading this book was unprecedented, and I often felt that I was the person I used to be. It also accompanied me during my student life, and I had a different experience when I read it again after graduation. In fact, in the author\'s view, these anxieties often originate from ourselves, we have to learn to start from ourselves, to understand what we really want inside, and the book also mentions that when talent does not match ambition we have to quietly work hard.


In fact, it is also true that most of our anxiety comes from the talent does not match the ambition of the time, that moment we will blame God, we will envy what others have, but we always forget to look back at what we have. We organize our equipment, put on our bags, set out on our own path, and follow this path all the way, we do not have to envy others, just like the book says: you always have your own life, run to others on the tracks of the train, never reach the destination you want to go.


Finally, I\'d like to share a sentence with you.


The best way to defeat anxiety is to do the things that make you anxious. Departure is always the most meaningful thing to do, just do it ~

By Kelly