One week in Mexic City ----Día de Muertos

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

Sincerely invited by clients for technical support in evenet of Día de Muertos, our Spad series outdoor screen 


We shared some pictures as below:

SoStron mexico led project

SoStron have trip in Mexico

custom led signs from SoStron

electronic signature from SoStron

out of home SoStron

outdoor advertisingout of home advertising SoStron

Do you know why these shoes are hanged here?

SoStron love Mexico


I like these GRAFFITI s everywhere

Billboard outdoor


Guess what pitch of these screens

Outdoor fix installtion led sign from SoStronRental led display from SoStron


Finally, we can have dinner..

SoStron visit client in Mexico


Welcome to China, Welcome to Sostron, THERE WILL BE MORE


“Remember me before the memory of love disappears.”