How to become a free man in spirit?

Wednesday, December 29, 2021 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

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A person who understands beauty and loves life can be wonderful on the road of life.

This book mainly talks about the three freedoms of life: financial freedom, time freedom and spiritual freedom. But only with spiritual freedom can we reap a pure land in a complicated world. Without leaving home, we can travel across time and space, travel around the world, and think about the past and the future.

So how to become a free man in spirit?

1. Read more books to enrich our cultural heritage.

2. Go out more and learn more.

3. Do what you like, cultivate your hobbies and improve your artistic accomplishment.

After reading this article, combined with my own experience, I found that because I received exam-oriented education from an early age, I neglected to cultivate my own interests.

A friend of high school students can play the electric guitar and write beautiful Calligraphy, which makes me realize the importance of quality education. Of course, quality education goes far beyond music, dance, painting, the Olympiad and computers, which are all means to cultivate free people who can not only suit society, but also please themselves. Quality education can be obtained in many ways, and reading classics is one of them.

The books you have read, the roads you have traveled, the stories you have experienced, the scenery you have seen will eventually become a part of your life, influence you imperceptibly and get closer to the spiritual free man step by step. And then I will pass on these energies to the people around me.

Excerpts from part of the book:

1. Be friends with the wise.

Those who treat us well will benefit us for the rest of our lives, just as the good companies chosen by Buffett always bring profits to Berkshire Hathaway. For wise people, we can pay special attention to the way they act and say every word, strive to turn their wisdom into their own wisdom, and change my bad way of thinking and doing habits little by little in action.

Over time, we will find that we have improved to a higher level in terms of knowledge, ability and even luck.

2. Focus

Always want to multitask several things at the same time, usually, nothing can be done well.

Over time, it is easy to fall into a low-level cycle. People\'s subconscious always think that they can do it, and can squeeze time to deal with many tasks at the same time, but this is only wishful thinking. When there is an excessive backlog of tasks in your mind, you may only make some small mistakes at first, and big problems will break out when your limited mental power cannot keep up with the ambition of multitasking and the backlog of tasks becomes more and more.

By Sammi

December 30, 2021