Xiaoqiang's Promotion

Wednesday, March 2, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

Xiaoqiang\'s Promotion, a book about time management, vividly describes the process of Xiaoqiang\'s promotion with the help of Lao Fu.   Now let me share it with you. This chapter is called The Problem with Getting Started -- Procrastination. First, the concept of Monday syndrome was put forward. Then the dialogue between Xiao Qiang and Lao Fu narrates the problem and the solution, so we know that the way to overcome procrastination is not confrontation, but surrender.


the tomato clock working method for improving efficiency


1. Choose actionable actions;

2. 25-minute countdown & Continuous work ;

3. Take a five-minute break after 25 minutes.


The top priority


Important things are things that are important but not urgent. The human brain likes simple things, so we should breaks them down into actions that are easy to take. If an emergency occurs, deal with the emergency first before moving on to important matters. Do important things at set times.


I will take it as a guide to life, change some bad habits in the past, and solve my confused life under the guidance of Lao Fu just like Xiaoqiang. If Du Lala gives me hope, then Xiaoqiang has helped me find the way to achieve it, and I will unswervingly and bravely move forward! When the state of work, study and life has reached the epitome of this life guide, to achieve peace of mind will be far?


To read this book, to experience, to understand their own. Perhaps, inadvertently, in life and work, will become relaxed in their own smile! A work bible that you can\'t put down no matter where you go!


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