Mentality VS Ability in the Sales, Debating for Your Standpoint

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00


SoStron company held successfully the first debate competition of staff in 2022

In order to build our excellent style of study, enrich the staff\'s spare time activities, and cultivate everyone\'s critical thinking ability and language expression ability, SoStron focuses on the theme of \"which is more important in the sales process, mentality or ability?” that successfully held the first employee debate competition in our history.

The competition consists of two teams randomly assigned by each department of the company. Each team is equipped with six excellent debaters. The pros are Frances, Zoey, Kelly, Sammi, Kayla and Emil, and insist that mentality is more important than ability. The members of the opposing side are Panda, Allison, Rachel, Scarlette, Elisa and Sunny, and they insist that ability is more important than mentality.

And we invited Andrew, Pargle, Figo and a respected old friend Mr.MAN as the referees for the activity.

What kind of performance will the debaters bring to us?

April 21st at 7:00 p.m., East 8 district time. The game was on!

In the process of the competition, twelve debaters quoted a variety of witty remarks, combined with theory and reality fully demonstrated in the sales process of mentality and ability which is more important. The two sides fought tit for tat and gave everyone a well-founded and wonderful debate. 

After the four links of theoretical argument, attack debate, free debate and summary, the pro team won the championship with 23.5 points (out of 30 points), and the opposing team got 23.25 points, which only 0.25 points difference between the two sides. But the opposing party Sunny is more with its individual outstanding performance to win the \"best debater\" honorary title!

After the competition, the judges made comments on the competition.

Pargle pointed out that the company has always attached great importance to the sense of participation and the construction of critical thinking ability. As for the importance of mentality and ability in the sales process, everyone can freely discuss, and debate is a way to explain themselves and communicate with each other.

At the same time, Andrew encouraged all employees of our company to actively participate in collective activities, show their style, improve their ability in an all-round way, and cultivate their good mentality. He also gave high recognition and evaluation to the excellent performance of the debaters in this debate competition.

At the end of the game, members of both sides stood up and applauded, and praised and hugged each other. Everyone said, in the game, we\'re enemies, but off the battlefield, we\'re still a loving family. And that\'s exactly what we wanted!


Apr 21th 2022