Where there's a will there's a way

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This movie is very simple. It tells the inspirational story of a bad girl who did not study and was admitted to a famous school after a year of hard work. The plot is very old-fashioned, and it is no different from the plot setting of ordinary inspirational films. It is made possible by \"impossible\" through hard work; but compared with ordinary youth films, it has no abortion, no love, and no tearing. , only the mediocre but tearful efforts everywhere.

When I frist time to heard the title of this movie <ビリギャル>,  I felt unreliable. After watching the 1 hour and 56 minutes of the film, I thought it might be more appropriate to name it with a lyric from the ending song. \"you are important\", yes, everyone is important and affects others around them; everyone\'s opinion of themselves is very important, and the denial of others should become your greater motivation; the encouragement of people around us is also very important, in your When we are struggling, it is often the words of encouragement and the look of encouragement that help us persevere.

The movie\'s promotional poster has this line, true and thought-provoking, that says, \"The biggest lie in the world is that you can\'t.\" Let’s think about whether we have experienced too many setbacks and education from childhood to adulthood, but have rarely received real affirmation and encouragement from our parents, and then look at the people around us and the surrounding environment, will we have a feeling, There is a feeling of targeting you, hitting you, telling you \"you can\'t\", is this the arrangement of fate?

In the movie, the girl Sayaka is not only not favored by the school teachers, thinking that she will not be able to get into a famous school, but also is not recognized by her father. Fortunately, her mother understands her very well and gives great support, even if she works part-time during the day and night. and also pay her daughter\'s tuition fees.  Her mother understands how important the encouragement of people around her is. And she has always been tolerant and encouraging of her own daughter, and I like her very much.

What touched me the most was the greatness and wisdom of Sayaka\'s mother, who silently endured her husband\'s wrong education. She seldom confronted head-on, but did her best to do something for the family, even if In this way, as a wife, when she was asked by her daughter why she chose to marry her father in the first place, she saw the virtues of this man\'s kindness in his heart. Even strangers would take the initiative to help others with enthusiasm and have a great love. In her heart, it was precisely because she, as a mother, mentioned this to her daughter. When the daughter had the opportunity to see the scene where her father helped others, she suddenly let go of her prejudice against her father. At the end of the film, her daughter was like when she was a child. Running and jumping on the father\'s back, the moment when the father carried his daughter, she is the happiest person in the world at this moment.

where there\'s a will there\'s a wayAs long as we work hard, we will become very good people.

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