After reading "The Call of the Wild"

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM GMT+00:00

The protagonist of this book is a dog named Buck. The whole story is set against the background of the Alaska Gold Rush, telling how Buck degenerated from a domesticated southern dog to the barbaric state of being like a dog but not a dog, like a wolf but not a wolf. Buck is a large crossbreed dog, stolen and sold by a greedy servant from his master\'s house.


In the cruel taming process, it realized the law of justice and nature, and the harsh living environment made it know how to survive without any means, and thus learned to be cunning and deceitful. During the arduous sled pulling, the dogs faced many pains: beatings, starvation, and even death, but Buck\'s ability to adapt to the environment was astonishingly fast. Their owners have been exchanged several times, and finally Buck and a master Thornton forged an inseparable friendship.

The owner had saved it from extreme hard labor, and Buck had repeatedly rescued its owner and helped him pay back his debts, and finally, after his beloved owner and other companions were shot by Indians, It went into the wilderness, responding to the call of the wild that it had heard so many times along the way and yearned for it.

Although Buck is a dog, it made me understand that in the sinister natural environment, only with the spirit of Buck in the novel can it be possible to survive. In fact, striving for survival is a kind of hard work, and it is also a kind of persistence. The same is true for each of us, all of us are striving for life and a better life.

This book is not so much a story of a dog, but a story of yearning for freedom, just like the cover of the book: \"All life should walk freely under the blue sky, and in the life of publicity, seek freedom and make yourself happy!\"

By Emil