The movie <be together>

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Five days after its release, the box office exceeded 200 million. \"Love will wear us apart\" is adapted from Douban hot post \"my girlfriend who has been running with me for ten years will get married tomorrow\"


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Qinyang Lv: Stepped into society early. He sincerely pursues Yiyao Ling, but the real test for him is when he enters the society. He struggled in the workplace and suffered setbacks everywhere, and he wanted to be an upright person, but he fell badly because of it. He once wanted to fight against the world, but he felt inferior because of love. He blamed himself for not being able to give Yiyao Ling a happy and superior life. He felt that Yiyao Ling was clearly worthy of a better life.


Yiyao Ling: I was a classmate with Lu Qinyang in high school and was pursued by Qinyang Lu . After entering the society, she did not listen to her mother\'s objections and resolutely lived with Qinyang Lu . He did not hesitate to leave home for Lu Qinyang; life was difficult, so we planned carefully with Qinyang Lu ; what we cared about was not money, but only being together. However,  Qinyang Lu faced realistic tests such as money, house, and marriage, which pushed her and  Qinyang Lu further and further apart.


At the end of the story, there is a foreshadowing for everyone, leaving only one sentence: \"If I die, please don\'t tell Yiyao Ling, if I live, I will marry her as my wife.\"


Have you ever loved someone and worked so hard just to be with her/him? Ten years ago, Qinyang Lu, a poor student, confessed to Yiyao Ling in public. The two entered the society from the campus. In order to make her happy, he fought with his own life. However, realistic tests such as money, house, marriage, etc., pushed the two farther and farther. After ten years of running, can they still remember the promise engraved in their hearts: I want us to be together.

By Kayla