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Everything about LED poster screens


What is LED poster Screen?
What are the categories of LED poster screens?
LED poster screen features
LED poster screen application scenarios
How to set up LED poster screen

What is LED poster Screen?

The LED poster screen is a digital billboard that enables retail businesses, restaurants, clubs, exhibitors to upload their videos and digital static content to display their core products in the simplest way. It’s convenient, stylish and simple.

What are the categories of LED poster screens?

Installation position classification

Indoor LED poster screen: installed in indoor places, such as shopping malls, office buildings, conference halls, etc., for promoting brands, products and information.
Outdoor LED poster screen: suitable for outdoor billboards, streets, transportation hubs and other locations, used to attract the eyes of pedestrians and vehicles.

Functional categories

Single-side LED poster screen: Only one display, suitable for single viewing Angle.
Double-sided LED poster screen: both sides are displays, suitable for places that need two-way publicity, such as central island booths. How to choose the LED poster screen suitable for your brand?

LED advertising machines

LED poster screen features

Hd display: LED poster screens usually have high resolution and high brightness, and can display advertising content in clear images and videos.

Ultra-thin and lightweight

LED posters are engineered with the latest technology to make them smoother and slimmer. It is made of aesthetically anodized lightweight and durable aluminum, making the entire poster frame weigh less than 35kg, making it lighter and easier to install.

Plug and play

Enjoy the privilege of viewing or filtering your own video, audio or picture playlist anytime, anywhere using LED posters. Update your digital content via WIFI or USB in our powerful built-in media player.

Easy-to-follow on-screen menus make it easy to plan your content without complicated configuration.

LED advertising machines

Intelligent management

The pre-integrated software of the LED poster screen is that you can connect it to a PC or Android device from a single location via RJ45, WIFI, 3G, USB and HDMI.

With these, LED posters make it very easy to recognize your display and manage Settings such as brightness and contrast. You can play content directly from your device on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It can perform centralized video control and management over the Internet. Since you can project video remotely and manage and monitor video comfortably from your office without the need for a field control device or PC, you can increase efficiency.

LED advertising machines

LED poster screen application scenarios

Supermarket department store shopping center

led poster screen in the form of vertical installation can be directly applied to supermarkets, shopping centers in various areas. led poster screen can scroll to present new product launch, discount promotion, points redemption, event warm-up and other information, to facilitate consumers to establish a clear understanding, to bring consumers a more intuitive, more shocking visual experience, from the perspective of long-term operation, but also to save the continuous input cost of materials.

Brand counter store

The led poster screen is light and convenient for the staff of counters and stores to carry out flexible handling and adjustment according to the application needs of actual scenarios. led poster screen can also use the form of lifting, stylish and simple, eye-catching, fully enhance the level of counters.

Activities, performances

Business meetings are an indispensable part of today’s era, such as merchants, channel meetings, press conferences, industry exchanges, etc.

The LED poster screen is located at the entrance of the venue, which can flexibly present the welcome poster, the theme of the business meeting, the communication of new products, the attention of the meeting and other information, bring a good video perception, and also facilitate the participants to establish a clear understanding.

LED poster screens

How to set up LED poster screen

Connect the power supply: Connect the LED poster screen to the power supply and ensure that the power supply is stable and safe.

Connect the control system: Connect the LED poster screen to a control system, such as a video processor or LED display controller, to ensure remote management and control of the display content.

Set brightness and color: Adjust the brightness, contrast and color of the LED poster screen to ensure that the display effect meets the expected requirements.

Upload content: Upload advertisements, pictures, videos or information content to be displayed to the control system of the LED poster screen as required.

Set display time: Set the display time and rotation mode of the LED poster screen, you can set different display time and frequency according to your needs.

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