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Jessie: Gains and feelings from signing the contract

As a salesperson, signing a contract is the ultimate goal of your job. Before I signed the contract, I was always in a state of anxiety, and I experienced too many times when I wanted to give up and collapse.

In the process of following up with customers, we also encountered many difficulties. Sometimes customers don’t reply for a long time, and sometimes customers ask all kinds of questions, which makes me feel overwhelmed. There were times when I wanted to give up and wondered whether I was not suitable for sales.


But I didn’t give up in the end because I knew that the results of my efforts would not be in vain. Through repeated negotiations and communications, I have gained a better understanding of my clients’ needs and my own advantages.

Finally, the customer who started following up in December last year closed the deal in September this year. During this period, there was also a delay in replying, and most of the output was unilateral. I could only constantly introduce the advantages of the product to them and try different topics, but with little success. Halfway through, customers put forward some demands, and we tried our best to meet them, but still no breakthrough was achieved.

It wasn’t until July or August this year, when the client’s team joined the negotiations, that we really started in-depth communication. Based on the customer’s needs, we proposed a detailed solution and fully answered questions.

LED product

I gained a lot from the transaction of this order.

First, I gained confidence. Before signing the contract, I always felt that I was not confident and that I was not good enough. But after signing the contract, I found that I could solve problems for customers, help and support them.

Secondly, I gained experience. In the process of following up with customers, I learned a lot, such as how to build trust with customers, how to solve customer problems, and how to demonstrate product advantages. These experiences will help me work better in the future.

Finally, I gained a sense of accomplishment. Signing the contract is a very satisfying thing and it proves that my efforts are not in vain. This sense of accomplishment will also inspire me to continue working hard and achieve greater results.

The closing of this order made me more determined in my career goals and made me believe in myself even more. Looking back on the transaction process of this order, I think the following points are important:

1. Perseverance: Before signing a contract, I have been following up with customers relentlessly and never give up.
2. Communication with customers: In the process of following up with customers, I try to understand their needs and provide solutions according to their needs. Here we provide you with LED transparent screen solutions.
3. Teamwork: Sales is a teamwork process. We must be good at cooperating with team members in order to achieve better results.

I believe that as long as you persevere and keep learning, you will be able to achieve success.

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