How to choose outdoor LED display? Pay attention to three points!

Jul 8, 2022, 2:42:49 AM

Many users don't know much about LED display when they buy it. Most of them buy it for their own companies or customers, so they ask a lot of questions about LED display every time before consulting.



What problems should we pay attention to when choosing outdoor full-color LED display?

1、 When selecting outdoor LED full-color display screens, we must limit the purchase of water drainage and lightning protection boxes to prevent screen burning caused by circuit instability caused by thunder and rain.

2、 The steel frame for outdoor LED display must be professionally customized and professionally evaluated. It can bear the weight of the main screen and other accessories, and ensure that it is firm and safe even in windy days. Avoid falling off and hurting pedestrians.

3、 Before purchasing outdoor full-color LED display screens, you must shop around, investigate the market situation more, and select manufacturers with good reputation according to your own situation. In terms of price, don't be confused by low-cost bait, and ensure the quality and durability of the screen.

The usual models of outdoor screens are p4.81, P5, P6, p6.25, p7.61, P8, P10, p12, P14, p16, P18, P20, P25. However, with the improvement of the R & D ability of each screen enterprise, any display screen with a point spacing greater than p2.5 can be used outdoors. So many types.


LED display


How should we choose? Sostron helps you sort it out for your reference.

According to the area:

If the playback area is less than 20 square meters, it is recommended to use the HD between p2.5 and P5 to refresh the outdoor screen. The area is between 20 and 30 square meters. It is recommended to use the LED full-color display between P5 and P10. The area is between 30 and 100 square meters, and the viewing distance is beyond 10 meters. It is recommended to use the LED large screen between P10 and p16.

According to distance:

We all know that P represents the distance between pixels, and the value after P mainly refers to the distance between pixels of the display module, which is usually called point distance in the LED industry. The smaller the value of this point spacing, the higher the unit pixel point, and the clearer the display screen will be, which will be more suitable for close viewing. Therefore, for the LED outdoor display screen, if it is relatively close, it is recommended to use the display screen between p2.5 and p12, or p15 if it is farther away, and p16-p25 if it is farther away.


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