Can led display be repaired

Jul 15, 2022, 6:10:11 AM

LED displays can be seen everywhere, and they are in various forms, including monochrome, colorful, scrolling display, and projection display. It can be said that they have become very popular. If the display screen composed of multiple electronic components fails, how should it be tested and repaired? Do you want to know how to maintain the outdoor led display?

Is it possible to repair a damaged monitor? LED display screen generally has problems.

1. Interface problems. Phenomenon: The computer information cannot be displayed. Check the cable.

2. Power supply problem. LED display uses low voltage and high current power supply, which is not different from ordinary DC power supply.

3. Drive problems. Each row or column is not displayed, that is, the corresponding driver circuit (chip) problem. Replace it.

4. Show problems. Long term use of LED display screen may cause damage and aging. Repair and replace it.


led display

Common troubleshooting process of LED display.

1. Determine whether your display is synchronous or asynchronous; The display of synchronous display depends on the display settings, while asynchronous display does not depend on the display settings.

2. Determine whether your display screen has a partial display problem or a full screen display problem; If the local display is abnormal, the communication problem can be ruled out. Generally, it can be determined that the display hardware has a fault, so it needs to be repaired to prevent the fault from expanding.


This is an outdoor led display project from egypt. In such a strong sunlight environment, the picture is still clearly visible!

Is the LED display serviceable? Maintenance and repair methods of LED display.

Resistance detection method

For the resistance detection method of LED display screen, the manufacturer of LED display screen recommends that you first set the multimeter to the resistance gear, first detect the resistance to ground at a point of a normal circuit board, and then detect the same point of another same circuit board to test whether there is any difference between the normal resistance value and the resistance value. If there is any difference, you will know the scope of the problem of the display screen, otherwise you will ignore it.

Voltage detection method

The voltage detection of the LED display screen is to adjust the multimeter to the voltage range, detect the ground voltage at a point of the suspect circuit, and compare it with the previous one, so that the problem can be easily determined.

Short circuit detection method

The short circuit detection method of LED display screen is to set the multimeter to the short circuit detection gear, so as to detect whether there is a short circuit. If short circuit is found, it shall be solved immediately. Short circuit of display screen is also the most common LED display module fault. In addition, the manufacturer of LED display screen suggests that the short circuit detection should be carried out when the circuit is powered off to avoid damaging the multimeter.

Pressure drop detection method

The display voltage drop detection method is to adjust the multimeter to the diode voltage for downshifting detection. Because all ICs of the LED display are composed of many single pieces, there will be a voltage drop on a pin when there is current passing through it. Normally, the voltage drop across IC pins of the same model is similar.


led display

Can the LED display be damaged? The LED display needs to be maintained irregularly to avoid damage to the LED display.

On-Site Inspection

Generally, the "monthly inspection system" is adopted for the patrol inspection of LED displays, and the "weekly inspection system" is implemented for the maintenance of large LED displays. Specific maintenance contents and response speed commitments:

1. LED display screen maintenance, including lamp, module, module, power supply and control card;

2. LED display control system maintenance, including controller, optical fiber conversion card, distributor and sending card;

3. Dedicated playback operation software for LED display screen, including maintenance and upgrade of playback software;

4. Regular (once a month) on-site inspection by technicians to inspect and maintain the system;

5. Guarantee for big activities: the company's technicians guide to ensure the smooth implementation of on-site activities.

6. For outdoor LED display screen, damage caused by natural factors such as wind, rain, thunder and electricity is not covered by the warranty. The owner shall purchase insurance from the insurance company and the insurance company shall compensate for the loss.

7. During the maintenance service, repair problems should be solved within 8 hours for general faults, and within 24 hours for major accidents. If the module and other accessories need to be replaced during maintenance, it shall not exceed 24 hours. After the maintenance is completed, One Service ensures that the large screen does not have a "failure" above the module level (such as module color shading, module black, and different columns) and plays normally.


For the display screen with low protection level, especially the outdoor screen, there is dust in the atmosphere entering the equipment through the ventilation hole, and the fan and other equipment will be quickly worn or even damaged. The dust will also fall on the surface of the internal control device of the display screen, reducing the thermal conductivity and insulation performance. In wet weather, the dust absorbs moisture in the air, causing a short circuit; It can also lead to mildew of PCB board and electronic components for a long time, resulting in decline of technical performance of equipment and failure. Therefore, the cleaning of LED display screen seems simple, but it is actually a very important link in the maintenance work.


LED display is a high power consumption device. After a period of operation, due to multiple startup, shutdown and operation, the connection terminal of the power supply part will become loose due to cold and hot, and the contact is not firm, forming a virtual connection. In serious cases, it will heat up, even the plastic elements beside the fuel. The signal terminal will also become loose due to the cold and hot changes in the ambient temperature, and the moisture erosion will lead to poor contact, which will lead to equipment failure. Therefore, the connectors of the LED display must be fastened regularly. When adjusting fasteners, the force shall be uniform and appropriate to ensure firm and effective. The surface of the display screen is clean. The LED display screen is visually inspected in both the bright and black states. Including: whether the display screen surface is polluted, in order to remove the influence of surface dirt on the luminous characteristics; Whether the display screen surface is damaged or cracked; Whether the commu nication power distribution cable line is normal; For the equipment with high protection level, although the components and connectors with high reliability are selected, the airtightness becomes a key factor, so the integrity of the seal shall be checked regularly; For outdoor screen steel structure, check the surface paint and corrosion; If the external screen surface is seriously polluted, the display surface shall be cleaned.

Last but not least, in order to make the LED display screen work better, it is also necessary to keep the room clean, remove dust regularly, and do a good job of ventilation and heat dissipation. If inspection and maintenance are required, we should conduct more investigation and comparison, and we must choose a qualified and powerful LED display company.