How about the 3D LED screen? What technical requirements are needed?

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Although the Chinese team missed the world cup, facing the huge market demand for LED display, Chinese LED display enterprises took the lead and made a brilliant debut, earning China enough face.

Looking back at the world cup in Brazil, the LED display made by sostron attracted the attention of the world, especially the vivid performance effect of Wittem's "giant football" at the opening ceremony, which was praised as "live" football by domestic and foreign media, causing the audience to cheer and scream.


3D display

There are two types of 3D models: passive 3D display and active 3D display

In traditional naked eye 3D display, there is a certain visual difference between the video content seen by the left and right eyes of the viewer, forming a 3D effect. At present, many popular naked eye 3D LED display cabinets are installed through 3D LED screens and combined with the production of creative content, forming an immersive experience that is not the traditional naked eye 3D display. We believe that the current naked eye 3D display effect needs to be evaluated from three aspects: display effect, installation scene and creative content of display products.

Naked eye 3D is a kind of spatial three-dimensional interaction without glasses. The quality of LED naked eye 3D display can be judged from two dimensions: viewing distance and content. In different installation environments, the point distance of the display determines the viewing angle and distance of the viewer. The higher the definition of the content, the more video content can be displayed; In addition, content design is also crucial. The naked eye parallax video "customized" according to the display screen gives the audience an immersive sense of interaction.

At present, 3D LED display screen realizes naked eye 3D display. In fact, most of them use the distance, size, shadow effect, perspective relationship of objects to build the three-dimensional effect in the two-dimensional picture As soon as it appeared, the 3D LED display of SM building, which shocked the whole network, took the shadow of the background as the static 3D reference line, making the moving waves feel like breaking through the screen. That is, the display screen folds the screen by 90 °, and the video material in line with the perspective principle is used. The left screen displays the left view of the image, and the right screen displays the main view of the image. When people stand in front of a corner and watch, they will see objects at the same time. The side and front of the camera present a realistic three-dimensional effect. However, behind this seemingly amazing display effect is countless technical polishing and strong product support.


Technical parameter requirements of 3D LED display in transition details

Large screen

Ultra 4K display resolution, ultra 500 square meters display area, providing a giant screen for naked eye 3D. Theoretically, the larger the display resolution and area, the larger the art presentation space, and the more obvious the magnificent scene effect. Ultra high refresh rate - 3840hz, ultra-high refresh rate, high-performance constant current drive IC, ultra stable dynamic picture, smooth video recording, no jitter in photography, full frame presentation.

Ultra high brightness

The white balance brightness is greater than 7000nits brightness. Even in the east-west direction and strong sunshine environment, the image is still clearly visible. The brightness can be automatically adjusted with the change of environmental illumination, which is energy-saving and environmental friendly. Ultra high contrast -5000:1 contrast, the picture is true and transparent. The light absorption design of multi-layer brim superimposed with high brim, the light absorption design of dumb black LED surface, the uniform ink jet of mask to eliminate diffuse reflection, and the overall ink color is like "night sky Ghost".

Ultra high grayscale

The broadcast control system is upgraded to 16bitgamma, superimposed with low gray 2bit preprocessing, and presents the overall effect of 18bit gray gradient. The picture is transparent, the picture quality is exquisite, the sense of hierarchy is strong, and it presents a natural three-dimensional, which perfectly matches the requirements of naked eye 3D depth of field and perspective display.

Ultra wide viewing angle

Large outer arc design, high-end SMD wide angle LED application, and more scientific mask design ensure that the horizontal angle of view exceeds 160, meeting the viewing needs of the audience at the Grand Plaza / roundabout / overpass, and the brightness and color error is less than 0.001. With the help of brightness color point by point correction technology, the color of raw materials is truly restored, and the "real" world is perfectly presented.

Beautiful structure

Right angle arc transition, coherent and complete display, provides structural modeling basis for presenting realistic naked eye 3D effect, and the perfect combination of modeling and content. Hardware: compared with traditional products, naked eye 3dled displays pay more attention to high refresh, high gray, high dynamic contrast and smooth transition of surface / corner; In addition, the playback server needs to be connected to a professional graphics workstation and configured with a multi graphics card frame synchronization card; In terms of software, a more professional decoder is needed, which must be able to support the material mapping and correction functions of special-shaped display carriers, and support the bottom optimization of high bit stream decoding; The material production of naked eye 3D requires that naked eye 3D needs to rely on the surrounding environment of LED display to achieve the best visual effect. Because the shape and surrounding environment of each LED display screen are different, the video material and rendering effect of each 3D are also different. When the resolution of the work content reaches more than 8K, the rendering effect of the work is clearer and the details are more reflected. At the same time, the rendering cost and production time will also increase with the resolution requirements of the work.

With the more and more extensive application of LED display, people have higher and higher requirements for it. Now people can't meet the two-dimensional plane display, and they want to truly restore the real world three-dimensional information. Therefore, the application scheme of 3D display technology on LED display has become a hot spot and direction of research in recent years.

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