Features and functions of Dubai indoor LED display

Jul 25, 2022, 1:54:51 AM

The key advantage of Dubai indoor LED display is that compared with other news media products, it is not prone to fine particles and massek, and the contrast of tone is relatively high, and the color display is relatively uniform. After illumination, the picture is clear, of course, and the display does not flicker. The picture display effect is very good. Moreover, the most important point is that the indoor LED display adopts fully automated technology, which can not only promote single lamp maintenance, but also reasonably increase the service life of the display. The indoor LED display is cost-effective. LED display screen is the perfect combination of technology and media. It can vividly show the ideas of dream, technology, trend and fashion, and can become a new force of dance beauty.


Other characteristics of indoor LED display:

The system development is excellent and effective, the actual effect is stable, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

All day work: true color, high screen refresh rate, antistatic, antifouling, heat removal effect is very good, high cost performance.

Display methods: move up and down, move left and right, pull the screen left, pull the screen right, open and close the middle, flash, instant display and other methods.

By using TV program editing and broadcasting software, you can edit, enhance, delete and change text, pattern, image and other information according to and computer mouse. The edited content is stored in the LED software, and the information broadcast video is displayed by the full-automatic circulation system of the program list.

High gloss: within the visibility distance, when the sun shines on the surface of the display screen, the display content is still clearly visible.

Good visual angle: there is a great visual angle in the horizontal and vertical, which is suitable for the natural environment with wide horizontal distribution and relatively high fluctuations.

The effect is very good: the non-linear point-to-point calibration technology is selected, and the text is clearer and more textured;
Strong stability: using distributed system scanner technology and modular technology, the stability and reliability are higher;

Diversified display modes: applicable to a variety of display modes;

Convenient practical operation: when the content compiled on the computer is sent to the control system card, the content compiled can be displayed. The actual operation of the system software is very convenient.

Now, the Dubai indoor full-color LED display has the function of information release, which can select a variety of styles, flexibly control the font size, and its network function can also carry out real-time control while broadcasting network information, and adjust it in time according to the needs of customers. The key to the start of LED display is to play clear and flicker free video images and take video. This can complete the live broadcast room of various on-the-spot TV programs, shrink and manipulate video images, and play documents in a variety of file formats, with a variety of display methods.


indoor LED display screen


Key product specifications of indoor LED display: p1.5/p1.6/p1.8/p1.9/p2.0/p2.5/p3/p4/p5/p6/p7.62/p10

Display function of  Dubai indoor LED display screen:

The song screen can be played instantly in the way of sound, image, sound and emotion.

It can be compatible with various styles of video systems (such as pal, NTSC).

It can display TV broadcast, TV satellite and cable digital TV programs.

It can display video recorder, VCD and DVD pictures.

It can be connected with the surveillance camera to complete the live broadcast.

The system software can be connected with the skill processing equipment to display various skill pictures (such as picture review, split screen function, slow motion, etc.).

The system software has audio input and export sockets to complete the audio-visual synchronization.

It can play all kinds of computer pictures.

It can be applied to a variety of standard words.

It can display various identifiers, text, data chart information of various font styles and glyphs.

Cartoon animation screen can be displayed.

One dimensional or multi-dimensional skill screens can be displayed.