5 points to teach you how to choose led transparent screen

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Led transparent screen has more and more broad market application prospects, such as car 4S stores, mobile phone stores, jewelry stores, brand clothing stores, catering chain stores, chain convenience stores, dance performances, etc. In a large number of application scenarios, led transparent screen has the characteristics of light, transparent and elegant. Of course, led transparent screen has more advantages.

Today, professional consultants teach you how to choose led transparent screen!

At present, transparent screens are mainly divided into two categories: positive light-emitting grid light bar screens and side light-emitting bar screens. How should we choose these two transparent screens? What are their characteristics? Sostron will give you a specific analysis.

Positive light strip screen features

it adopts the conventional packaged lamp beads in the market, which is the scheme adopted by most transparent screen manufacturers. The penetration rate of the screen is relatively low, the price is low, and the structure has many span beams, which affects the appearance.

Side light strip screen features

the side light beads specially tailored for the transparent screen are adopted by some professional transparent screen manufacturers. It is characterized by high permeability, less structural span beams, good aesthetics, and is conducive to large-scale standardized production of the screen factory. But the price is slightly higher.


led transparent screen


Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two schemes in detail:

Permeability comparison

Due to the different positions of the lamp beads, the thickness of the lamp strip of the positive light emitting transparent screen must be greater than the size of the lamp beads, while the position and space of the side light emitting lamp beads are less limited. Because the light bar itself blocks the light, the permeability of the side light-emitting transparent screen is better than that of the positive light-emitting screen. This is the most obvious advantage of the side light-emitting transparent screen.

Appearance comparison

The driving IC of the positive light-emitting transparent screen can only be installed on both sides of the light bar in order not to block light. The side light-emitting transparent screen does not have this limitation, and the driving IC can be hidden behind the lamp beads. Therefore, the number of lamp beads controlled by the positive light-emitting lamp strip driving IC is limited, resulting in the limited length of the lamp strip. The entire structure of the positive light-emitting transparent screen is lattice type. And the single light bar of the side emitting transparent screen can be made longer. The appearance of the screen is also more beautiful.

Comparison of driver IC usage

The placement position of the driving IC of the positive light emitting transparent screen is limited, so it is often necessary to set a higher number of scanning lines, mostly 16 lines or more. While the side light emitting transparent screen driving IC is not limited, the number of scanning lines can be set low.

If the number of scanning lines of the display screen is small, the display screen can work under low current, and the refresh rate and gray level are high, the display effect will be better. In order to improve the brightness of the positive light emitting transparent screen, a high current must be set. In the long run, the reliability of the lamp beads will be lost. The grayscale and grayscale of the display will lose some effects at the same time.

Comparison of anti-collision ability

Because the lamp beads are installed at different positions, the anti-collision ability of the two screens is also different. Under the action of external forces, the positive light-emitting lamp beads will be directly impacted by external forces, while the side light-emitting lamp beads will not be directly impacted by external forces.

Comparison of lamp bead display performance

Both side light-emitting lamp beads and positive light-emitting lamp beads are top type packages. The difference is just the position of the patch. Therefore, there is no obvious difference in the visual angle and uniformity of these two kinds of lamp beads.

There is a new type of 3010 side light-emitting lamp beads on the market. It is a special lamp bead designed for the development of transparent screen market. It is also the smallest side light bulb in the market. The introduction of this lamp bead will make the transparent screen more transparent, light and thin, and the display effect more cool.


We believe that with the maturity of the transparent screen market, more and more new products and technical solutions will appear. Compared with the current two transparent screen schemes of positive lighting and side lighting, it is obvious that the advantages of side lighting transparent screen are more obvious, but the price of positive lighting display is more competitive. Therefore, how to correctly select the product scheme varies from person to person, and the choice should be made according to the different requirements of users.

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