Differences between LED transparent screen and traditional LED

In recent years, with the gradual emergence of LED transparent screen, the LED transparent screen market is gradually hot, and many users have focused on the field of transparent screen. The main reason is that the transparent screen is novel in design and the transparent display effect is particularly eye-catching. In fact, the unit price of the LED transparent screen is much higher than that of the conventional LED screen. Why do so many people choose it? What are the advantages of LED transparent screen? What is the difference between LED transparent screen and conventional LED display? How about the quality of the LED transparent screen? I believe all these questions are what everyone wants to know.


As we all know, conventional LED screen and transparent screen are both display carriers. LED display screen is a general language. Why is a conventional LED screen called a conventional screen or a conventional display screen? This is the original and most commonly used design concept of the LED display screen, and is also the most commonly used script in the market. The structure, shape, control and other uses of the LED display screen are relatively conventional, so everyone gives it a conventional name.

The design concept of the transparent screen is also derived from the conventional LED display screen. The design principle of the transparent LED screen is basically the same as that of the conventional LED screen. Conventional LED screens are opaque and have a relatively thick structure and a large appearance. The transparent LED screen adopts the light bar design, adding the light transmitting element to optimize the structure shape, and the overall appearance is more beautiful, thinner and lighter. With the update of the control system, mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices can control the display screen infinitely, which makes the control more convenient.

With the development of economy, people's pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, and they are more interested in finding beautiful things. Now, the construction of cities, the beautification of buildings, the strange shapes of buildings and the decoration of chain stores all need more striking design effects. Glass can enhance the close contact between the interior and the exterior and allow sunlight to enter the indoor environment. The video display can enhance the visual beauty. The biggest characteristic of LED transparent screen is light transmission and good permeability, which can display shocking HD video effect.


LED transparent screen

What are the advantages of LED transparent screen?

1. Led transparent screen is also known as glass curtain wall screen; The transparent screen unit module can be hung and / or fixed, and can be spliced into a large area according to the size of the installation position.

2. A new product developed based on the traditional LED display, consisting of a single LED light bar;

3. High transparency; The transparency is 60% to 95%, with high transparency, which has little impact on the lighting of the building, and can be perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment to achieve a transparent display effect;


4. The heat dissipation performance is good, and the weight is only 7kg / ㎡, while the conventional LED display screen is about 40-50kg / ㎡ per square meter;

5. It is suitable for building facade and various glass curtain walls;

6. Light weight, ultra-thin, easy installation and maintenance, no structure, cost saving and efficiency improvement.

7. Front and rear maintenance improves the adaptability to installation conditions;

Led transparent screens are widely used in glass curtain walls, windows, shopping malls, terminal buildings, automobile exhibition halls, exhibition halls, business halls, 4S stores, etc.