Seven common sense about LED transparent screen

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With the development of science and technology, LED technology continues to innovate and improve, and LED transparent displays are more and more widely used in various industries, such as exhibition halls, business halls, conference halls, shopping malls, hotels, brand stores and other occasions. Today, let's share our common sense of 7 transparent LED screens.

1、 What is LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen, also known as ice screen, transparent LED display screen. From the original opacity, the LED display screen is optimized to be transparent when viewed from certain angles, reducing the obstruction of the light panel and structure to people's vision. The scene behind the display screen can be seen clearly, so that the content played is three-dimensional, making people feel that it is an object suspended in the air, and it is also convenient for people to observe the objects behind the screen. LED transparent screen is a micro innovation of light strip screen in the industry. Targeted improvements have been made to the chip manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system. In addition, the structure of hollow design has greatly improved the permeability.

2、 How does the LED transparent screen work?

The LED transparent screen, like the conventional LED display screen, is self luminous. The main display device is LED lamp beads, which contain RGB pixels, and display the full-color image through the lighting of each group of pixels. This is very similar to the LCD color TV, which realizes color reproduction through different light intensity of red, green and blue colors.


LED transparent screen

3、 What is the LED transparent screen composed of?

A. Box frame: made of die-casting aluminum or aluminum profiles, solid and durable, with no deformation in splicing.

B. LED transparent screen module: including PCB board, LED lamp beads and main display devices.

C. Power box: integrated with power supply, HUB adapter board, data receiving card, power supply inlet and outlet interface, signal inlet and outlet interface.


LED transparent screen

4、 What are the advantages of LED transparent screen

A. LED transparent screen has high permeability, 50% - 90% permeability, light weight, small space occupation, and ensures the original transparent lighting function of glass curtain wall.

B. The installation is beautiful and the cost is low. It does not need any steel structure. It is directly fixed on the glass curtain wall. The background is transparent. The advertising screen played gives a feeling of suspension on the glass curtain wall.

C. LED transparent screen can be standardized and customized, which can effectively reduce the cost. Customized LED transparent screen can achieve a high degree of harmony with the building.

D. Light, thin and fast installation: The traditional LED display screen is heavy and expensive, which is not conducive to maintenance. It requires a lot of transportation and installation labor costs.

E. Energy saving and environmental protection, no fans and air conditioners are required for heat dissipation, saving more than 40% energy than traditional LED display.


LED transparent screen


5、 How much is the LED transparent screen?

According to the market survey, the price of LED transparent screen is 650 $US square meters. Here is a detailed price description of LED transparent screen.

6、 Application scenario of LED transparent screen

Commercial chain stores, public transport places, glass windows, architectural media, entertainment stages. Only the store image with individuality can attract consumers to stop, increase the passenger flow, adopt a unique design approach, let the LED transparent screen replace the traditional exterior wall of the store, and use video ads to replace the traditional plane ads, so that the entire store is very cool, very pleasing to consumers.


LED transparent screen-Crystal

7、 Market prospect of LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen display integrates the advantages of conventional outdoor LED display, and eliminates the problem of urban aesthetics. When it is not lit, you can better hide yourself without destroying the harmony and beauty of the original environment. As a new form of indoor advertising and outdoor communication is adopted, the approval of outdoor advertising is well evaded.

With the increase of market demand, LED transparent screen technology and products are constantly optimized, and even interactive technology appears, further bringing experience charm. With the continuous reduction of point spacing and the improvement of permeability and stability, transparent LED display has gradually occupied the market, even in the application field of glass curtain wall, due to its high-definition transparency.

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