Professional consultant introduces LED video wall

Sep 7, 2022, 1:55:29 AM

What is led video wall?

The LED video wall is composed of direct view LED displays (also known as DVS), which work together as a whole to display content, just like a single screen.

The installation design of LED video wall display adopts seamless connection, and the minimum length of each unit is 300mm, which can be designed into various special shapes (such as arc-shaped surface, circular surface, trapezoidal surface, 360 degree sphere); Led wall display can perfectly display various high-demand video effects. The product has many advantages, such as light weight, high brightness, high transmittance, low power consumption and fine appearance. Do you know how to make LED billboards?


How does LED video wall work?

LED color wall screen is a new product that led technology is applied to the field of outdoor decorative lighting. Its working principle is composed of two parts: driving and controlling. Small LED square lamps are used as light-emitting display units, and a plurality of square LED lamp pixel units are arranged in a certain matrix to form LED screens or LED advertising boards. In addition, it is composed of connecting video controllers and computers.

What are the advantages of LED video wall?

Strong adaptability to environment

Environmental conditions may adversely affect outdoor display technology, resulting in deterioration of image quality and overall system operation. Installing an outdoor LED display with elements such as waterproof, UV resistant treatment, low wind resistant mesh, wear-resistant masking and dust-proof housing will help ensure that your device can withstand the weather. Protecting the technology from rain, snow, dust, wind ultraviolet rays and extreme temperature fluctuations means that you can extend the life of the solution, maximize the viewing experience for the audience, and ultimately save money and time for premature maintenance or replacement.

High brightness

For a long time, direct sunlight has brought challenges to viewing outdoor displays, but with the progress of technology and the improvement of brightness, users can display wonderful content even when the sun comes out. They no longer have to choose between detailed, high-resolution screen content and brightness.

Simplify services

Many LED video walls on the market today are equipped with stackable cabinets that can be quickly assembled and provide a quick locking system to support single person installation. We also see more LED solutions providing exchangeable components and front-end access to achieve fast service. These features not only reduce installation time and complexity, but also allow end users to easily adapt to variousDesign and configuration, especially as their needs change.


LED video wall

How much is the LED video wall?

Generally, it is calculated in square meters, that is, the price of a common p4led display is 1000 US dollars per square meter, and the price will vary depending on the display model and the materials used. The quotation of the screen includes the requirements for a complete set of LED video wall: die, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module, control power supply, and all the internal cables and connecting wires of the display screen. At present, the price of LED video wall fluctuates greatly. If you want to know the real-time price, you can ask sostron to give you a high-quality solution and quotation.

LED video wall Market

Today's outdoor LED TV wall solutions have the best characteristics, which can make the content look amazing from any angle. If you are in a square, supermarket or tourist attraction, the outdoor LED TV wall can not only attract tourists, but also support various activities and uses.

It is predicted that the LED market size is expected to reach 6.4 billion US dollars and 13.1 billion US dollars by 2024. LED technology will become more and more popular worldwide. This growth will undoubtedly bring unprecedented opportunities.