Everything about led wall

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With the increase of marketing means, more and more publicity and display are carried out through LED and other video equipment, such as high-rise buildings, the exterior of commercial buildings, roadside streets, exclusive stores and business halls.


led wall

What is an LED wall?

LED wall refers to the interface of multiple video frames on the computer desktop when the computer remotely videos with multiple computers through the camera, and it is also a software function of computers or mobile devices.

The LED wall installation design adopts seamless connection, and the minimum length of each unit is 300MM, which can be designed into various special shapes (such as curved surface, circular surface, trapezoidal surface, 360 degree sphere); LED wall display can perfectly display all kinds of high demand video effects. The product has many advantages, such as light weight, high brightness, high light transmittance, low power consumption, and fine appearance.

LED wall advantages

a. High efficiency and low energy consumption.

b. The light quality is good. Since there is no ultraviolet and infrared ray in the spectrum, there is no heat and no radiation. LED is a typical green light source.

c. The service life is long, and the nominal service life is 100000 hours when the luminous flux is reduced to 50%.


Led video wall controller

Led video wall can be divided into splicing screen and non splicing screen.

The splicing screen is a complete LCD splicing display unit, which can be used either as a display alone or as a large LCD splicing screen. According to different use needs, it can realize the function of variable large screen: single screen split display, single screen separate display, arbitrary combination display, full screen LCD splicing, vertical screen display, image frame can be compensated or covered, support roaming, zooming stretching, cross screen display of digital signals, setting and operation of various display plans, and real-time processing of full HD signals.

Non spliced screen means that a separate monitor is installed on the video wall.


Led video wall controller

Led video wall controller

LED video wall controller, also known as LED asynchronous control system or LED display control card, is the core component of LED graphic display. It is divided into synchronous controller and asynchronous controller.

Synchronous controller

LED display synchronization controller is mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color large screen display to display videos, pictures and texts, notifications, etc. in real time. LED display synchronous control system. The working mode of controlling LED display is basically the same as that of computer monitor.

Asynchronous controller

LED display asynchronous controller is also called LED display offline control system or offline card. It is mainly used to display various characters, symbols, graphics or animations. The screen display information is edited by the computer, and is pre placed into the frame memory of the LED display screen through the RS232/485 serial port, and then displayed and played screen by screen in a cyclic manner. The display modes are colorful and varied. Its main characteristics are: simple operation, low price and wide range of use.

LED video processor

LED video processor is a newly developed seamless switching video and audio image processor for multi-channel video and image input, which can accept various video signals, including VGA computer video, HDMI, DVI, SDI and high-definition video. It seamlessly combines automatic input format recognition, advanced image resolution conversion technology and synchronous splicing processing technology to meet the requirements of high-quality, video and audio synchronous demonstration. LED video processor adopts advanced backplane switching technology, which is different from the traditional bus architecture. It ensures that signal transmission and exchange are carried out through multiple links, and avoids many bottlenecks such as limited bus technology transmission, crash, slow speed, and impracticality. The signal processing speed is independent of the number of channels, so as to ensure the access of large-scale image information. No matter how many signal sources, the normal use of the system will not be affected.


led wall

The latest video wall technology

Video wall is a set of display, playback and control system based on computer manipulation. The system is composed of powerful hardware and software, which allows users to control the display wall application system composed of multiple displays or plasma large screens.


LED wall price

LED wall price

P3 led wall price 900 $per square meter.

P4 led wall price 600 $per square meter.

P5 led wall price 500 $per square meter.

P8 led wall price 450 $per square meter.

P10 led wall price 400 $per square meter.

LED display solution