Take you to understand the special shaped LED display

Sep 28, 2022, 1:48:45 AM

What is special-shaped LED display?

LED special-shaped display screen is a special shaped LED display screen based on the LED display screen, which makes the new product better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. Its size and size can be customized according to the requirements, and the requirements for its appearance are further improved, so that it can better adapt to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment. Do you know the advantages of small pitch LED display?


special shaped LED display

What are the characteristics of special-shaped LED display?

From the perspective of advertising display, advertising is to maximize the exposure. The LED special-shaped display screen will have its own eye catching aura because of its unique shape, so it will also bring twice the result with half the effort in advertising display to make the publicity more effective.

Moreover, due to the popularity of outdoor conventional LED display screens to a certain extent, when the display screen is not lit, a black display screen is hung on the wall, which inevitably brings problems to the building and affects the overall appearance of the building; However, if it is a LED special-shaped display screen, we will make relevant planning according to the building body in the early stage of installation, and design a LED display screen that conforms to the wall appearance. Even if it is not lit, the LED special-shaped display screen has a different appearance, more like the sculpture on the wall, which not only does not affect the building appearance, but also adds artistic beauty.

Precautions for installation of special-shaped LED display

The selection of special-shaped LED display screen shall be determined in combination with the use scenario

As we all know, special-shaped LED displays can be used indoors or outdoors. Different application scenarios require different materials for special-shaped LED displays. It is recommended that the material and structure of the special-shaped LED display should be consistent with the use scenario.

Prevention of light pollution

Now people are more and more protective to the environment, and light pollution is also an important topic of environmental protection. Therefore, in the installation and debugging of special-shaped LED displays, how to protect and control light pollution should be considered.

Regular maintenance

The special-shaped LED display is a consumable, which needs continuous maintenance to ensure its continuous normal use. Therefore, when designing and installing the special-shaped LED display screen, it is necessary to leave a way for future maintenance, so as to prevent problems before they occur.


This is a special-shaped LED display project from the Egyptian exhibition hall! Do you think it looks like a pyramid!

Where can special-shaped LED display screen be used?

The special-shaped LED display screen is mainly used to show creative content, and the available scenes are also relatively wide, among which the common places are as follows.


The ingenious combination of the special-shaped LED display screen and the scene can bring the audience a different and novel audio-visual experience.


We also know that the special-shaped LED display screen has many different shapes, which is installed in each square and is also a beautiful landscape.

Municipal Planning Department

In fact, the special-shaped LED display is also used to convey information and display images. It is often seen in the municipal planning hall.

The development of special-shaped LED display

The appearance of the special-shaped LED display screen indicates that the traditional display screen has completed the task of transforming to enrichment. The enrichment here is not only the diversification of appearance, but also the enrichment of structure and function. Sostron can customize various types of LED digital display, such as spherical screen, circular screen, etc. The display is no longer limited to rectangular appearance; In terms of function, the special-shaped LED display can show clearer pictures, transmit more pictures and video information, and achieve 360 ° viewing experience.