The market demand for naked eye 3D LED displays will be growing

Nov 7, 2022, 2:02:46 AM

The traditional LED display screen can only play ordinary video, pictures, text and other content, and the playing form is single, which can only be displayed in a flat way. With such LED displays everywhere and people's aesthetic appreciation constantly improving, it is inevitable to have aesthetic fatigue on traditional LED displays. In order to meet people\'s needs for diversification, personalization and customization, LED display manufacturers have developed naked eye 3D LED display, which is more popular. However, due to the high price, there is less market demand. Therefore, the market demand for 3D LED displays will be growing. Do you know how much the 3D billboard costs?


naked eye 3D LED displays

What is a naked eye 3D LED display?

The naked eye 3D technology is a cutting-edge display technology that can get rid of 3D glasses and experience stereoscopic visual effects through direct vision. Without the help of 3D glasses, how does this immersive naked 3D visual display come about?

At this stage, the LED large screen realizes naked eye 3D by adding some optical structures to the screen, so that the presented images can enter the left and right eyes of people to generate parallax, and 3D images can be seen without wearing any special glasses or other devices.

How does a naked eye 3D LED screen work?

The 3D LED screen takes the flexible LED screen that can be bent into a certain radian or 90 degrees as the hardware, and combines two images taken from different angles into one lens. When we view these images with the left and right eyes, parallax will occur, resulting in the depth observed in 3D technology.


Coca Cola installed a 3D mechanical billboard in New York's Times Square in 2017. The front main screen was spliced by 1760 moving LED cubes. These LED cubes can be moved separately as a separate module or as a whole, extending and retracting to the audience, showing different 3D shapes according to different contents. It has attracted a large number of tourists to watch and become a famous landmark product. Here are more cases of led display installation!

With the continuous development of LED display manufacturer technology, from the need to wear glasses to watch 3D video to today's naked 3D. That is, you can see the 3D effect on the screen with the naked eye without wearing professional glasses. Because the display mode is relatively new, the naked 3D LED display was a sensation when it was just introduced. But the good times did not last long, and then 3D naked eye technology could not break through the technical problems, so it was gradually forgotten by the market.


In recent years, with the development and growth of the dance art field, the demand for creative LED displays is increasing. LED display manufacturers began to develop naked eye 3D technology again, and made good progress. However, due to its high price, it is difficult to popularize in the market. Throughout the subdivisions of LED display, each type of LED display has its own positioning. For example, small pitch LED display screen is mainly used in security, monitoring, dispatching command center, public transport, conference rooms and other indoor ultra-high definition display applications. The LED transparent screen is mainly used for outdoor glass curtain wall buildings and indoor advertising windows, while the LED interactive floor tile screen is mainly used for glass plank roads, hotel floors, shopping mall floors and museum floors.

The reason why LED displays in these different subdivisions have developed so fast is that the corresponding technologies of LED display manufacturers can be deeply expanded according to their clear positioning, promote the popularization of application scenarios, and further promote the development and innovation of new products. It can be said that each product has its own market and positioning, but the naked 3D LED display screen is just the opposite. Compared with other LED displays, the scene positioning is vague, and the corresponding technology cannot be applied to other products, resulting in slow development of the industry.

However, the existence of each product has its own significance. Although the naked 3D LED display has its own market and positioning compared with other products, as far as the dance show is concerned, its position is getting higher and higher. With the increasing technical requirements for visual presentation, the visual impact of naked 3D LED display is very shocking. The unique display mode can create a sense of space dimension, combined with stage lighting, to create an immersive light and shadow feast, bringing strong visual impact to the audience. Due to the rising demand for stage display in recent years, the immersive visual stage is more popular. Therefore, the naked 3D LED display produced by LED display manufacturers in the future can work hard on the stage.

In a word, the future market of naked eye 3D LED display is promising. Although LED display manufacturers still need to improve their technology and the price is too high, with the rising demand of Wumei display, the future market demand will be wider. Therefore, the 3D LED display market needs to be further explored. If it is equipped with AR/VR, holographic projection, human screen interaction, face recognition and other technologies, its market space will be wider in the future.