Is the small pitch LED display good?

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Since 2018 became the first year of the outbreak of small pitch LED display, local governments in 2019 have successively released the action policy of "4k first, and 8k at the same time", making display enterprises eager to try. Of course, LED display industry has advantages in large display size and small spacing. The future development trend of small spacing LED display is obvious. Whether we can seize the opportunity depends on how the major LED display manufacturers display their skills.

What is a small pitch LED display?


LED display refers to the LED with the spacing of P2.5 and below, including P2.5. P2.083. P1.923. P1.8. P1.667. P1.5. P1.25. P1.0.

What are the characteristics of small pitch LED displays?

Ultra high-definition, ultra dot spacing and small spacing, seamless splicing and ultra-high refresh rate LED display 3840-6000Hz ultra-high refresh rate make video images smooth and exquisite, bringing maximum visual enjoyment; The brightness uniformity of the LED screen is excellent, and the brightness uniformity of the whole screen tends to be extreme with the single point brightness correction. Do you know the advantages of small pitch LED display?

Under the construction boom of smart cities, security, monitoring, transportation, energy, public security, justice, airports, stations and civil air defense, as the core components of urban operation, will increasingly demand high-definition and visualization of data. LED display manufacturers use small spacing LED displays equipped with big data, cloud computing, Internet plus, Internet of Things and other technologies to provide customers with a unified, convenient and efficient scheduling application control system. In addition to the growing market demand for multiple application scenarios such as smart transportation, smart monitoring and smart emergency in China, the market demand for high-end conference rooms, exhibition halls and high-end retail stores in overseas markets is also very strong.


This is a small pitch LED display screen from a square in Guangzhou, China. High definition image quality is its pursuit!

It can be said that the future market prospect of small pitch LED displays is very broad, and the future development trend of small pitch LED displays is also obvious, mainly including the following three aspects.


small pitch LED display

The market competition is gradually changing to the comprehensive strength competition of technology, quality, brand and service

With the rapid development of the LED display industry, the products are more and more mature, and the end users have more and more knowledge of the products. They no longer simply rely on price to decide to buy products, but more consider other aspects. And the market competition has gradually turned from extensive competition to the competition of comprehensive strength represented by capital and technology. Therefore, the comprehensive strength and brand competition of enterprises will occupy a great advantage in the future competition. In the future, with the development of LED display industry, enterprises with great brand influence and strong comprehensive service ability will have more voice, and can bring higher premium for products, gain more customer recognition, so as to seize the market price step by step, and the market concentration will be higher in the future.

The commercial market demand for small pitch LED displays continues to increase

When the small spacing was first introduced to the market, the price was too high, so it was only used in the high-end display market. With the continuous upgrading and optimization of LED display manufacturer\'s technology, the price continues to sink, coupled with the small spacing from one-way communication to intelligent interaction stage, LED display has become the core of people and data interaction, bringing more scene based and immersive experience to users. Nowadays, small pitch LED displays are developing rapidly in commercial display applications such as conference rooms, hotels, shopping malls, education and cinemas.

The distance between points is shrinking

With the increasing market demand, users have increasingly high requirements for the clarity of the display, especially for the high-definition display for close viewing of human screen interaction. However, the traditional SMD will have a sense of graininess when viewed from a short distance, and the smaller the distance, the greater the disadvantage. Therefore, LED display manufacturers have to seek new packaging methods, and the four in one MiniLED is a good choice. Now P2.0 small spacing has become a conventional LED indoor display screen, and products with 1.2-1.6mm and smaller spacing will become the mainstream of small spacing demand in the future. As the technology of Mini LED becomes more and more mature and the cost continues to drop, Mini LED will gradually be used in commercial and even civil fields in the future.

In a word, small pitch LED display has a wide range of applications, not only in securities, advertising media, education and other fields, but also in concert stage, Olympic Games scene, film shooting and other art scenes. With its excellent performance and super viewing experience, the small pitch LED display has gradually infiltrated people's lives and become an indispensable technology product! As for whether we can seize the opportunity, it depends on how the major LED display manufacturers display their skills.

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