Three reasons for the wide application of small pitch LED display in the command center

With the progress of technology, the dot pitch of small pitch LED displays is becoming smaller and smaller. According to the industry consensus, LED displays with dot spacing less than 2.5mm are small pitch LED displays. At present, Yutong Technology's small spacing models include P0.9, P1.2, P1.588, P1.667, P1.875, P1.923, P2.0 and P2.5, and the minimum point spacing that can be done is 0.9 mm.

Since the small pitch technology developed by LED display manufacturers has become more and more mature, coupled with the rise of Smart City and Ping'an City, the LED screen industry has gradually penetrated into the high-end display market and gradually seized the market resources of DLP splicing screens and LCD splicing screens. Nowadays, the development momentum of small spacing is getting stronger and stronger. Now, LED display manufacturers briefly introduce three reasons why small spacing LED displays are widely used in command centers. Is the small pitch LED display good?


small pitch LED display

The advantages of small spacing LED display meet the needs of the command center

As we all know, the smaller the spacing, the greater the LED screen density, the higher the resolution, and the higher the definition. The small pitch LED display developed by Huaxintong Optoelectronic LED display manufacturer meets the demand of the command and dispatching center by virtue of large area seamless splicing, high-definition and delicate picture quality, flexible use, high contrast, high refresh rate and 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted work. Therefore, the application demand of small pitch LED display in command center is more and more extensive.

As the command and dispatching center needs to collect, analyze and process massive big data, and also cascade with various departments around the country, the required display signals are rich and complex, and digital signals are more than video signals. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for small pitch LED displays. For example, high resolution fine display, low brightness high gray restore display, high refresh rate, low heat dissipation, high restore, consistency, low noise and uniformity. As the command center needs to watch the content on the screen closely, it needs to meet the requirements of long viewing comfort in a small space.

As mentioned above, the command and dispatching center needs to pay attention to the data of all parties at all times, so the screen installed in the command center should meet the requirements of 7 * 24 non-stop operation, and deal with the huge amount of data. It requires strong information collection, rapid response, comprehensive dispatching ability and overall coordination. The small spacing LED display itself has the characteristics of high stability, durability, reliability and easy maintenance, which are the necessary conditions for LED display manufacturers to enter the command center. In addition, the new appearance design of small pitch LED display supports the installation of magnetic suction for front maintenance. It takes up small space, is easy to disassemble, and is beautiful and elegant. It can effectively reduce the failure caused by cable arrangement. To a large extent, it can reduce the failure rate of LED screen and reduce the later maintenance costs.


This is a fixed installation project of indoor led display installed by Sostron. There are more led display installation cases here.

The small spacing meets the emergency command and treatment of the command center

The command center is in charge of all important local data, so it is always ready to face various environmental and emergency situations such as major events, emergency response after natural disasters, and traffic accidents. However, due to the different climate and installation conditions in different regions, the small spacing LED display produced by LED display manufacturers should overcome the natural conditions of low air pressure, low temperature in high-altitude areas, high salinity and humidity in coastal areas, and also have high stability, easy installation and transportation. With the development of LED screen industry technology, many small space products have passed the inspection reports of dust prevention, high and low temperature, earthquake resistance, salt fog, moisture and moisture resistance, shell protection, electrical performance, splicing gap, pixel out of control rate, moisture and heat, optical performance, leakage current and flame retardancy. These characteristics can meet the requirements of the emergency command center to flexibly respond to various environments and emergencies and reduce the damage caused by disasters.

Since the command center needs to view real-time large screen information such as geographic information, road network line map, meteorological cloud map and panoramic video for collection, storage, management and large screen presentation, if LCD splicing screen is used, the overall painting aesthetics will be affected due to the splicing gap of LCD. If the DLP splicing screen is used, there will also be splicing gaps, and the low brightness of the screen will affect the viewing effect. The seamless splicing, high brightness, high-definition and delicate picture quality of the small pitch LED display just meet the needs of the emergency command center. The seamless and complete picture can avoid the gap between units cutting the picture into different pictures, and there is no such difference between units.

Intelligent small spacing meets the application requirements of the command center

With the development of Smart City, Ping'an City, China's Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 and 5G technology, the future society will develop in the direction of intelligence. In the future, small pitch LED display will become more and more popular in the command center. In order to meet the needs of the intelligent command center and become a powerful tool to effectively improve communication efficiency and achieve efficient use and sharing of information in the information age, LED display manufacturers should overcome the difficulties of small pitch, continue to increase research and development efforts and investment in innovation to meet the application needs of the intelligent command center.

The smaller the dot spacing, the higher the resolution, the higher the image quality, and the larger the viewing area. However, the inherent disease of traditional SMD small spacing - the graininess of close viewing has not been improved. Of course, in order to achieve the ideal display effect, the small pitch LED display cannot be separated from the auxiliary role of the video processor. The small pitch LED display screen is the general name of a set of high-end systems, including LED display system, high-definition display control system and cooling system, which also have strict process requirements in the production process. The small pitch LED display screen is also the name of exquisite picture quality, which has promoted the expansion of LED display screen to indoor application field, and the market continues to heat up.

In the future, the application of small pitch LED display in the command center will be more intelligent, digital and networked. For example, in the traffic command and dispatching center, the small spacing intelligent LED display screen will be bound with the real-time information of the traffic network, and all the traffic route information will be displayed in the LED display screen of the traffic dispatching headquarters. Through the intelligent display, urban traffic congestion can be greatly reduced and traffic accidents can be reduced. Therefore, LED display manufacturers should focus on different application scenarios of the command and dispatching center, and develop more to meet the actual needs of user level operators, so as to solve the personalized needs of users.