Five development directions of LED screen commercial display in the future

With the expansion of the popular application of led display, whether in the field of security monitoring or as a video display platform, led display has become a very popular display terminal device in the business display industry. Do you know what LED cinema screen is?

The rapid development of LED display industry not only benefits from the continuous maturity and innovation of LED display manufacturers and upstream and downstream industrial chain technologies, but also benefits from the growth of commercial display demand, becoming a blue ocean market with great development potential for LED display industry. At the same time, it is also a place for major LED screen enterprises to compete. Next, LED screen manufacturers will briefly introduce the five future development directions of LED screen commercial display.


This is the LED advertising machine installed in South America by LED manufacturer Sostron. It still displays clearly in the sun!

Development opportunities

On the basis of technological progress, led displays have begun to make breakthroughs in many applications. The products have covered all fields of market segmentation applications, such as digital notice display, large size super bright splicing, and large security command center applications. These high-end application fields not only expand the market scope of led splicing industry, but also improve the taste level and profit level of the overall market.

With the acceleration of the economic transformation of smart cities, safe cities and the country, the market demand for LED display commercial displays has also risen. For the domestic commercial display market, it is at a special stage, with new technologies emerging in endlessly. Internet plus, Industry 4.0, etc., can all form a hot spot in the scale market. If LED display manufacturers can make reasonable use of the favorable driving force of these policies, and inject big data, cloud computing, Internet plus, AI, AR/VR, human screen interaction, face recognition and other technologies into commercial display products. And then provide corresponding solutions for smart security, smart education, smart transportation, smart retail and smart medicine, so LED screen enterprises can quickly seize more commercial display market shares by taking the opportunity of smart city construction and national economic transformation.

In addition, the the Belt and Road will promote the construction of relevant infrastructure around the world, requiring a large number of monitoring and display equipment in the field of rail transit, which will bring many new development opportunities for LED screen enterprises. With the in-depth communication and integration in the fields of economy, trade and culture and entertainment of various countries, new opportunities will be created in the field of commercial display and exhibition performance, opening up new development opportunities for China's commercial display equipment and stage performance display equipment. However, these all contain huge development opportunities. Whoever seizes this market opportunity first will have the right to speak.


The development of smart city and Internet plus is necessary to support corresponding smart products. Previously, LED screens only had a single display function, which obviously could not meet the application needs of end users for smart products. For example, if the security industry only relies on pure display competition, it is difficult to form differentiated competitiveness. If LED display manufacturers can seize the active and passive needs of customers, the established and potential needs, and emphasize the iterative upgrading of customer value, then the competitive differences and advantages of products will be obvious.

For commercial display, the display product is a combination of software and hardware, and the application experience is developing from hardware oriented to software oriented and networked. The concept of Internet plus is not only an innovation of ideas under historical conditions, but also an innovation of industry models. Therefore, Internet plus has no end, but for commercial display, it is required to continuously complete new addition and provide users with a continuous stream of new products, new technologies, new solutions and new physical capabilities. That is to say, the combination of LED screen and Internet plus can generate more intelligent products, mainly in applications, services, software, platforms and ecological integration.

Development trend

At present, domestic commercial display products are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Rim and other regions, with dense enterprise distribution, numerous R&D institutions and a good industrial atmosphere. Relying on the developed economic environment and strong local financial resources, these regions provide more cases and development directions for the application of commercial display products, and bring about the development of related technologies and products. In the future, the development of commercial display industry will be further accelerated, and domestic resources in the field of commercial display will also further converge to these regions. As one of these regions, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers naturally have unique advantages.

LED high-definition super large screen display, as well as professional after-sales service and market promotion, can provide ultra-high brightness, gorgeous colors and stunning image quality far beyond traditional projection equipment. Its ultra-high definition super large screen display and colorful flexible and creative image effect can make ordinary display projects become "tall" instantly, with more attractive form and better display effect.. Nowadays, the size of commercial display is developing towards large size, while LCD LCD splicing screen and DLP projection splicing screen have obvious splicing gaps, and DLP projection brightness is too low and other defects, which are the main means for small pitch LED display to enter the commercial display field. The small pitch LED display screen itself has the characteristics of large area seamless splicing, high contrast, high brightness, high definition and exquisite image quality, high refresh rate and strong color reproduction, so it is popular in the commercial display field. How about the three mainstream packaging technologies for small pitch LED displays?


LED screen commercial display

Development vision

With the rise of smart cities, the demand for LED screens in security monitoring and command centers and other projects is growing. Especially in large-scale security projects, due to the complex system architecture and integrated functions, splicing large screens has become an indispensable product. In the future, the security monitoring and display industry will have a greater demand for LED displays, and gradually penetrate into command and dispatching, intelligent monitoring, safe cities, etc. It can be said that the commercial display industry has a broad prospect.

In addition, thanks to the urbanization construction and the implementation of rail transit projects, the demand for digital media is increasing rapidly. The huge market potential makes the digital signage market a competitive place for commercial display enterprises. Nowadays, the trend of digital signage products to be more intelligent, interactive and mobile connected is more obvious. The product solutions are increasingly mature, and the application value is also increasing. In order to seize this digital market, LED display manufacturers continue to carry technologies such as human screen interaction, AR/VR, AI, face recognition, naked eye 3D, big data, Internet plus and cloud computing on the basis of the original technologies of LED screens to make their products more intelligent and meet the needs of the digital market.

Development countermeasures

It is obvious that the single display function of traditional LED display can no longer meet people's needs. Therefore, LED display manufacturers should continue to optimize and innovate their products in combination with intelligent development and big data applications, based on changes in user needs and technology applications. New consumer segments are rising. The business sector facing these consumer markets needs to carry Internet plus technology and constantly change the marketing and operation ideas. As an important carrier, commercial display products have great development potential in new retail, catering, logistics and other emerging markets in the future. Therefore, LED screen enterprises should actively explore these fields with forward-looking goals to reflect the new application value of application, service, software, platform and ecological integration.

Although the market homogenization and low price competition in the LED screen industry are becoming more and more serious, LED screen enterprises should not avoid these objective problems, but should accurately grasp user needs and market trends in a positive and innovative way, customize the right strategy, develop innovative products, and provide different solutions for different users based on application needs. Based on big data and Internet technologies, it carries more application technologies such as face recognition, AR/VR, video fusion, touch and naked eye 3D to provide customers with truly valuable services.

In a word, the next five development directions of LED screen commercial display include development opportunities, challenges, development trends, development prospects and development strategies. At present, the competition in the LED display industry is becoming more and more brutal. LED display manufacturers should seek new development directions and constantly seize the commercial display field, so as to get rid of the difficult predicament of industry development. To pave the way for the future, we should first solve the current problems. Skyworth Commercial breaks the inherent thinking and uses "technology to innovate the production mode and solve the existing difficulties with technology" to achieve the purpose of standardizing industry management with technology. Plan products around the "user end" to make them closer to civilian use. At the same time, combine production equipment, material innovation, and process innovation to improve the overall technological development capability, so that brands and products become more reliable. Skyworth Commercial continues to make efforts to break the boundary between technical products and civil products, advance technology research and development, and boost the development of the industry.