French Vehicle LED display price guide

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French automotive LED display market
Advantages of car LED display
Car LED display price

With the strong growth in demand in the French advertising market, which has led to the continued penetration of vehicle-mounted advertising, vehicle-mounted LED displays have ushered in a period of rapid growth. In the fiercely competitive market, we closely follow the technology trend, focus on vehicle LED display products and solutions, and begin to enter this market. What is a vehicle LED display?

car LED display

Automotive LED Display Market

French buses and taxis are important means of transportation in the city. They are huge in number and have many routes. They have unparalleled penetration in the bustling sections of the city. The key point in choosing advertising tools is the size of the audience rate and the scope of communication. At the same time, buses and taxis are good carriers to display the image of the city. LED electronic displays are placed on bus bodies, fronts, rears, taxi tops or rear windows. As a platform for information release, they can beautify the city's appearance, do a good job in urban lighting image projects, and achieve rapid development for the urban economy. practical purpose of development.

Advantages of French automotive LED displays

Comprehensive placement: Compared with traditional media, which can only accept placement from one or a few customers, media trucks can accept placement from multiple or even dozens of customers.

Transmission range: high brightness, strong adaptability, all-weather playback. Using ultra-high brightness LED, it can still be clearly seen from a long distance under the sun. Information is released quickly, which reduces complicated production processes and costs compared to traditional media, and content can be updated and delivered according to customer needs.

Visual impact: Compared with traditional media, the media vehicle combines movement and static, and is close to the audience. It has strong visual impact and achieves the best delivery effect.

Vehicle LED display

France car LED display price

Vehicle-mounted LED displays are generally installed outside the car body and are outdoor LED displays. Therefore, the price of outdoor vehicle-mounted LED displays in France is provided below:

p6 car LED display costs US$500 per square meter;
P8 automotive LED display costs US$450 per square meter;
P10 car LED display costs US$250 per square meter.

These prices are for reference only and actual rental prices will vary based on your specific project needs and your supplier's pricing policies. As your LED screen expert, we have prepared the LED display solution plan for you. Why not start by visiting our LED screens and get a free quote!

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