Car LED screen can be so smart!

Nov 28, 2022, 1:53:49 AM

What is the LED car screen?

The LED on-board screen is a device installed on the vehicle, powered by a dedicated power supply, receiving and outputting data to the lattice LED unit board through the control card, and displaying text, pictures, animation, and video by controlling the lighting of the lattice. Generally, taxis, buses and police cars are equipped with LED on-board screens.

What are the characteristics of the LED car screen?

It is an independent set of vehicle mounted LED display system with the rapid development of LED display screen. Compared with ordinary door head screen and fixed and immovable LED screen, it has higher requirements on stability, anti-interference, anti vibration, dust prevention, etc. Vehicle mounted LED display is an extension of advertising media LED.


With the continuous development of LED display manufacturers' technology, more intelligent modules are equipped for vehicle mounted screens, such as weather information sensing and mobile phone remote control. Nowadays, intelligent car LED screen is more concerned. Don't you know the car display?

This new intelligent vehicle LED screen can not only play traditional advertising, but also be used in people's daily life. It can achieve intelligent, personalized and customized features. Although the traditional LED car screen can better spread the advertising effect, it is difficult to promote in the civilian market because of the high price and large screen. The Mojipic intelligent car LED display in the United States can achieve simpler operation and installation. Use the mobile phone APP to control the display content. You can load 1500+patterns and dynamic pictures. You can also design your own patterns and schemes. You can choose different patterns to express your ideas in different application scenarios. This method is a little similar to the previous LED schoolbag, which can display various mood patterns and words by controlling the LED schoolbag with a mobile phone.

If driving is inconvenient, you can use your mobile phone and Google Smart Assistant to display content through voice control. Because the display is small and thin, you can use a bracket and a suction cup to fix the vehicle mounted LED display on the rear seat of the car. You can also play Tetris games through mobile phone control. This kind of operation has low technical content and is suitable for the majority of citizens. In addition, the low price and other factors will promote the opening of the civil market.


LED car screen

Of course, this new product has limitations in technology and products. Although the patent of this product belongs to the United States, China's LED technology is obviously superior to that of foreign countries. Therefore, this limitation is likely to become a development opportunity for Chinese LED display manufacturers to produce vehicle mounted LED screens. Although Mojipic is small and easy to carry and install, its display content is limited. Only one letter or one pattern can be displayed at a time, which cannot express more content. As this product enters the civilian market, people hope that this display screen can display more content in the future. Therefore, the large-sized intelligent vehicle mounted LED screen will become the air outlet to promote the traditional LED vehicle mounted screen of LED display manufacturers.

As the price of intelligent vehicle mounted LED display is relatively cheap, only the display with large spacing can be selected, which will inevitably cause grainy feeling when viewed from a close distance, affecting the aesthetic feeling of the picture. Of course, this defect is also a favorable factor for LED display manufacturers to develop LED vehicle mounted screens. Now, the small pitch LED display screen developed by LED display manufacturers has the characteristics of higher definition and fine image quality, smaller dot spacing, higher resolution, stronger color saturation and closer viewing distance, which can effectively improve the Mojipic viewing experience. In addition, the small spacing LED display can realize large area seamless splicing technology, which can change the display size of intelligent vehicle LED screen, and provide users with more personalized and high-definition vehicle LED display.

According to the traffic law, the rear window of the car cannot be blocked. Therefore, LED display manufacturers can take advantage of the transparent characteristics of the window glass to develop a transparent LED car screen to ensure that users can view the car without violating the traffic rules, and ensure that the light lines in the car are not blocked. If LED display manufacturers can successfully develop LED transparent screen vehicle mounted display, LED transparent screen will have a wider development space in the future, which can not only be used for commercial display, but also enter the civil market.

With the maturity of 5G technology, the Internet of Everything and the promotion of intelligence have also promoted the development of the LED display industry. As a subdivision of this industry, LED car screens have many untapped blue ocean markets. In recent years, with the relaxation of vehicle mounted display control policies, the successful pilot of domestic full-color public transport advertising screens in many cities, and the widespread use of smart cars, the application fields of LED vehicle mounted displays have increased, and the vehicle mounted LED display market has shown unprecedented vitality.