LED screen will develop towards personalization in the future

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At present, as China's LED display development industry continues to increase, the number of LED large screen displays in the streets and lanes of major cities is gradually increasing, and people's consumption level is also growing. LED lighting has gradually been used in the daily life of families. LED electronic displays not only improve the image of the city, but also enrich people's cultural life, which can reflect the rapid development of the LED industry in this regard. Do you know how much the 3D billboard in Dubai costs?

With the upgrading of user consumption, the end customer's consumption is more rational, and higher requirements are put forward for the innovation of LED display. Therefore, LED screen will develop towards personalization in the future.

In the past, because the overall Chinese market was large enough, small companies had more investment opportunities, but as the opportunities for small and beautiful companies were greatly reduced, the market was always strong and the weak were always weak, and the survival space of small enterprises was constantly squeezed, or even eliminated by the market. Now, with globalization moving towards high-speed development, overseas market giants are also competing for the market. From the perspective of China's LED screen industry, large LED screen manufacturers are not only limited to the Chinese market, but also constantly expand the overseas market with the help of favorable policies such as the "the Belt and Road".


This is the LED special-shaped screen installed in Dubai

With the market competition entering the white hot stage, the production and operation mode of LED display manufacturers has changed greatly. Leading enterprises are no longer limited to the LED display industry, but turn to upstream and downstream industries. With the help of horizontal and vertical cross-border development, they have made profits in the entire industrial chain, achieved performance growth beyond expectations, and the winner takes all rule is more obvious. Especially in recent years, this phenomenon has become more and more obvious, which is one of the main performances of LED display enterprises in the industry to optimize the industrial chain from all aspects to seize the market.

It can be seen from the performance reports released by some companies that the performance growth of leading enterprises is relatively obvious and sustainable, but the performance reports of some small and medium-sized enterprises show a downward trend. The performance growth of leading enterprises mainly comes from small pitch LED displays. Since 2018, the first year of the outbreak of small pitch LED displays, the market demand for small pitch LED displays in high-end commercial displays, security, monitoring, command centers and large conference rooms has been rising, which has brought huge profits to leading enterprises. Moreover, these high-end display applications themselves require high product quality, performance, clarity, viewing distance, refresh rate, personalized services and overall solutions. It is precisely because small enterprises cannot meet the high requirements of high-end display, so the industry is increasingly concentrated on these large enterprises.


LED screen

Of course, this is also related to the concentration of high-quality resources towards leading enterprises after the industry matures gradually. In the era of winner take all, it is difficult to break the leading enterprises' preemptive advantage in the industry. With the development of LED display industry becoming more and more mature, people have more and more in-depth understanding of products. The way that small enterprises rely on low price competition is obviously not suitable for the current industry development. Therefore, the opportunities for these enterprises to counter attack are less and less, especially with the further transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain, the return of market product quality, channel construction, and the industry leading enterprises aiming at the middle end market, under these trends, the development of SMEs will become increasingly difficult.

In such a difficult situation, if small enterprises rely on low prices to compete in the traditional LED display market, it is obvious that they have no great advantage, but the market demand for naked 3D LED display will be growing. In order to avoid being eliminated by the market, small and medium-sized LED display manufacturers should use personalized development to subdivide fields, so as to explore more market segments and seize market resources. Moreover, as people provide aesthetic services to conventional products, people are more and more inclined to personalized, diversified, intelligent and customized products. Therefore, LED display manufacturers can use these personalized products to continuously develop and strengthen their own strength, so as to constantly improve the brand effect and promote enterprise performance growth.

As far as the current LED display market is concerned, the relatively innovative and representative personalized products include LED transparent screen, LED diamond screen, LED interactive floor tile screen, naked 3D LED screen, AR/VR LED screen, LED poster screen, small pitch LED screen and LED special-shaped screen. If LED display manufacturers can focus on display products in a subdivided field, invest a lot of money in R&D and innovation, and deepen their products, they will occupy a place in the LED display industry.

With the rise and development of full-color LED displays, LED displays have been used in various industries to meet the needs of super large display of commercial advertising. In the future, the research and development of personalized LED display products needs more design and development for user level operators, so as to truly solve the general needs of users, achieve universal intelligence in the product market, and ultimately win market recognition.

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