The history of SIGN

If you start a shop or restaurant,you need a sign to name who you are,and to attract customers.
led sign
From the traditional single and dule color sign,fullcolor sign can show things in vivid color,and show video as well.
led sign
Now SoStron has launched a brand new Sign - LED CUBE
It has a five-sided display screen and is designed to show rich variations and 3D effects through video,Different from ordinary sign, LED Box have higher performance effects and display modes, and their highlighting is much higher than ordinary sign
led sign  led sign  
Before the emergence and application of 3D projection technology, LED display was undoubtedly the best choice for commercial advertising. The 
appearance of LED Box will make our logo display morecloser to the cyberpunk world in the movie. There is no doubt that LED box has
unparalleled potential. In fact, many commercial companies are already using it (such as KFC Tiffany).
What do you think of the future of LED Box? Please witness it with SoStron

LED display solution