10 Guidelines for Choosing Commercial Advertising Displays

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Here is a detailed guide covering the key factors to consider when choosing a commercial advertising display:

1. Display technology:

LED display: provides high brightness, high contrast and vivid colors, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

LCD display: suitable for indoor environments, with high resolution and larger sizes available.

2. Application environment:

Indoor or outdoor: Choose the display’s protection level and waterproof performance based on where the ad will play.

Lighting conditions: Consider ambient brightness and choose a display with appropriate brightness levels.

LED display

LED display

3. Resolution and size:

Choose an appropriate resolution based on viewing distance and audience density. High resolution is suitable for close viewing, low resolution is suitable for distant viewing.

Choose the appropriate screen size based on the size of the installation location and available space.

4. Brightness and contrast:

Consider display visibility under different ambient lighting conditions. High brightness and high contrast provide better visual effects.

3D LED display

3D LED display

5. Energy saving performance:

Choose displays with energy efficiency and energy-saving features to reduce operating costs and be environmentally friendly.

6. Reliability and durability:

Choose a display with stability and reliability that can run for a long time without being prone to failure.

Consider the display's durability and shock resistance to withstand a variety of environmental conditions.

7. Remote management and control:

Consider whether the display has remote management and control capabilities so content can be easily updated and monitored.

8. Customizability:

Make sure the display can meet your advertising needs and support different content formats and playback methods.

rental LED display

rental LED display

9. Return on investment:

Compare the price, performance, and reliability of different makes and models of displays and weigh your return on investment against your budget. You can take a look at the current price of outdoor LED displays.

10. After-sales support and warranty:

Make sure the display provides good after-sales support and warranty services so that you can get timely help when repairs or technical support are needed.

Finally, it is recommended to contact our professional display company to share your needs and budget to get customized suggestions and professional support. Here are the top 10 LED display companies in Singapore.

LED display solution