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Indoor rental panel

sPad Pro


Indoor/outdoor rental solution

Perfect In-Camera Performance

perfect visual effect in-camera shooting, high refresh rate

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outdoor rental panel
Indoor rental panel

Born for Stage Productions

Build Large LED Wall Fast & Easy

Hanging & Stacking Options

Corner Protector for the lamps at the edge

Outdoor led panel LED rental panel LED rental screen
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Renting LED panels is a cost-effective solution, especially for temporary events. They allow you to achieve high-quality displays quickly without long-term investment. What is the difference between the stage rental screen and the traditional LED display?


Rental LED panels are available in a variety of sizes and configuration options to suit different needs. You can choose parameters such as screen size, resolution, brightness, curvature and shape. LED stage rental screen solution.


The rental period of LED panel rental can be according to your needs, it can be days, weeks, or even months. Rental fees usually vary based on the length of the rental. How much does it cost to rent a led stage screen?

Pixel pitch (mm)
Density (dots/sqm)2770081189066574643403
Module resolution (dots)17313743241092713
Module width (mm)250250250250
Module height (mm)250250250250
Cabinet width (mm)500500500500
Cabinet height (mm)500500500500
Cabinet depth75757575
Resolution (dots)69252297271643710851
Weight (kg)7.5(7.5/8)(7.5/12.5/8/13)(7.5/14/8/8/8/13)
MaintainFront rearFront rearFront rear(Front rear/Front/Front/Front rear)
Max brightness (cd/sqm)1000(800/4500)(1000/5000)(1000/5000/5000/5000)
Color temperature (k)6500650065006500
Contrast ratio5000:1(5000:1/4000:1)(5000:1/4000:1)(5000:1/4000:1/4000:1/4000:1)
Max power (w)130(130/260)(130-260/260)(130/260/260/520/260/520/260/520)
Average power (w)75(75/130)(75-130/130)(75/130/130/260/130/260/130/260)
Voltage typeACACACAC
Voltage (v)110-220110-220110-220(110-220/110/110/110)
Driving method1/32(1/32/1/12)(1/32/1/12)1/12
Screen FPS (hz)60606060

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