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Reta2 Assembly Competition: A Perfect Display of Teamwork


In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, teamwork and innovation are crucial for the sustainable development of enterprises. By hosting the [Reta2 Assembly Competition], the LED display foreign trade company not only enhanced team cohesion but also stimulated employees’ innovation potential, promoting communication and collaboration among staff.

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Competition Overview

Competition Theme

The Reta2 Assembly Competition is a contest aimed at enhancing team collaboration skills and innovative thinking.

Competition Time and Place

The competition is scheduled for 3:30 PM on July 24, 2024, at the first floor of Building D, Hongfa Technology Park.


A total of 8 employees participated, namely Hu Hongjiang, Huang Cheng, Wang Ziwen, Li Qianyang, Teng Hao, He Xiaoji, Gong Chaozheng, and Zhan Song.

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Competition Rules

Each team consists of 2 members, and they complete the assembly of the Reta2 LED display screen through teamwork.


The first-place team will receive a cash prize of 600 yuan.

Competition Results

After intense competition, the team of Huang Cheng and Gong Chaozheng won first place thanks to their excellent teamwork and innovative abilities.

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Reta2 Product Introduction


The Reta2 small-pitch LED display screen is characterized by its ultra-light, ultra-thin design, cable-free connection, and modular construction. It offers a variety of pixel pitch options to meet the display needs of different scenarios.


  • High Stability: Ensures stable operation in various environments.
  • High Precision Display: Delivers clear and delicate image quality.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: Provides a superior visual experience from any angle.
  • Accurate Colors: Reproduces colors realistically, meeting professional display requirements.
  • Energy Efficient: Uses advanced technology to reduce energy consumption, achieving green display.
  • Long Lifespan: Reduces maintenance costs and extends product life.


The Reta2, with its high-definition and lifelike display effects, not only enhances brand image but also captures customer attention and improves information dissemination efficiency. It is suitable for various commercial and educational environments, providing significant market competitiveness and economic benefits to clients.


The Reta2 Assembly Competition not only showcased the professional skills and team spirit of the employees but also highlighted their pursuit of innovation and excellence. This victory is not just a triumph in the competition but also a vivid manifestation of the company’s culture and values. We look forward to seeing every employee continue this spirit in their work, driving the company’s development and progress together.

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