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Shenzhen LED Display Company – SoStron: A Journey of Relocation and Service

With the continuous advancement of technology, Shenzhen has always been at the center of China’s innovative industries. In this bustling city, many companies are dedicated to providing better services to their customers while striving to create a happy life for their employees. SoStron, a Shenzhen LED display company, is one such company. They have recently undergone a significant relocation aimed at better fulfilling their mission and vision.

The era of SoStron’s presence in the Sanmin Industrial Park is now part of history. They have relocated to the spacious Hongfa Technology Park, marking a new beginning that brings forth more opportunities and challenges for the company. This relocation encompasses a series of changes, including an expansion of the employee base, an increase in warehouse space, and the addition of various value-added service facilities.

Expansion of the Employee Base

SoStron has always been known for its professional technical team and a friendly employee culture. During their time in the Sanmin Industrial Park, the company’s employee base remained stable, with around 20 to 30 people. However, to better meet customer demands, they have rapidly expanded their workforce after the relocation, now employing 50 to 60 individuals. This means more professional technicians, sales representatives, and customer service personnel are available to collaborate with clients to ensure the delivery of high-quality LED display products and solutions.

Shenzhen LED display company

Increase in Warehouse Space

As their business expands, SoStron’s warehouse requirements continue to grow. In the Sanmin Industrial Park era, their warehouse space was limited to a few hundred square meters, making it challenging to fulfill large-scale orders and meet rapid delivery demands. However, in the Hongfa Technology Park, they have access to thousands of square meters of warehouse space, allowing them to manage LED display inventory more flexibly, improve delivery efficiency, and ensure timely fulfillment of customer needs.

Shenzhen LED display company

Addition of Value-Added Service Facilities

SoStron has always adhered to its mission of “showcasing products and services better for customers and creating a happy life for employees.” To accomplish this mission, they have not only expanded their employee base and warehouse space but have also added facilities such as showrooms, a coffee lounge, and activity rooms to provide more value and convenience. The showroom offers a space for customers to view the latest LED display technology and products, while the coffee lounge serves as a leisure spot for employees and clients to interact. The activity rooms are used for organizing various internal training and team-building events to enhance teamwork.

In summary, SoStron’s vision is to become “the most trusted service provider in the hearts of customers.” Through this relocation and service upgrade, they are actively moving towards this goal. They believe that only through continuous development and improvement can they better serve their customers, meet their needs, and build long-term trust relationships.

LED Display Company

Following the relocation, SoStron will continue to focus on innovation and improvement in LED display technology, continuously raise product quality and service standards. They will keep a close eye on customer needs, provide customized solutions, and ensure that every employee enjoys a happy life while working at the company.

In conclusion, SoStron’s relocation and service upgrade represent their steadfast commitment to their customer promises. They are not only advancing in the field of technology but also continually improving the employee and customer experience. This new beginning has created more opportunities for SoStron to better realize their vision and become the most trusted service provider in the hearts of their customers. Whether employees or clients, they can look forward to more happiness and satisfaction.

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