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Sostron 2019 Annual Trip

In a very sunny morning, we took our  big Sostron famlily and make an unforgetable trip.

2019 Annual Trip 2019 Annual Trip 2019 Annual Trip 2019 Annual Trip2019 Annual Trip 2019 Annual Trip 2019 Annual Trip 2019 Annual Trip

We  #Sostron’s overseas sales team cooked together, everyone cooked one food and  voted and rewarded a BEST dish as “queen of Sostron 2019” .

We enjoyed a scenery nature, we fished, we took photos, we talked. we laughtered…..

We also had our professional photo team

An excellent team could help clients grow up quicker and become more successful. Each #Sostron group did very well at team work! In the coming hopeful 2020, we will continue our efforts to provide greater products and services to our valued clients.

How amazing #Sostron Annual trip we have!

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