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Top 10 LED Display Companies in USA

LED is a new type of semiconductor light source with the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, and long life. LED displays are widely used in lighting, electronics, communications and other fields. As the LED market continues to expand, global LED manufacturers are also emerging in endlessly. So do you know the top 10 LED display companies in the USA?

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Table of contents

1. Years of establishment of Daktronics
1-1, Daktronics corporate information
1-2, Daktronics product types
1-3. Advantages and disadvantages of Daktronics products

2. Years of establishment of Planar Systems (Leyard)
2-1, Planar Systems (Leyard) corporate information
2-2, Planar Systems (Leyard) product type
2-3, Planar Systems (Leyard) product advantages and disadvantages

3. Years of establishment of Barco NV
3-1, Barco NV corporate information
3-2, Barco NV product type
3-3. Advantages and disadvantages of Barco NV products

4. Years of establishment of Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.
4-1, Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. corporate information
4-2, Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. product types
4-3. Advantages and disadvantages of Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. products

5. Years of establishment of Absen Inc.
5-1, Absen Inc. corporate information
5-2, Absen Inc. product types
5-3, Absen Inc. product advantages and disadvantages

6. Years of establishment of NanoLumens
6-1, NanoLumens corporate information
6-2, NanoLumens product types
6-3. Advantages and disadvantages of NanoLumens products

7. Years of establishment of Lighthouse Technologies, Ltd.
7-1, Lighthouse Technologies, Ltd. corporate information
7-2, Lighthouse Technologies, Ltd. product types
7-3, Lighthouse Technologies, Ltd. product advantages and disadvantages

8. Years of establishment of NEC Display Solutions
8-1, NEC Display Solutions corporate information
8-2, NEC Display Solutions product types
8-3, Advantages and disadvantages of NEC Display Solutions products

9. Years of establishment of ViewSonic Corporation
9-1, ViewSonic Corporation corporate information
9-2, ViewSonic Corporation product types
9-3, Advantages and disadvantages of ViewSonic Corporation products

10. Years of establishment of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
10-1, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. corporate information
10-2, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Product Type
10-3, Advantages and disadvantages of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. products

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Daktronics, Inc.

Years of establishment: 1968
Company Information: Daktronics designs and manufactures electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems, and large-screen video displays. We are passionate about continuing to provide high quality standard display products as well as custom designed and integrated systems.
Product types: indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, stadium displays, digital billboards, etc.
Pros: Decades of experience delivering high-quality and reliable display solutions.
Disadvantages: Higher price, suitable for customers who need high-end solutions.

Planar Systems (Leyard)

Years of establishment: 1983
Corporate Information: Headquartered in Oregon, Planar Systems is a global leader in display and digital signage technology, providing best-in-class solutions for the world’s most demanding environments. Retailers, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, utility and energy companies, and home theater enthusiasts all rely on Planar to deliver superior performance when image experience matters.
Product type: LED video wall, LCD display, interactive touch screen, etc.
Advantages: Provides a variety of display and interaction technologies suitable for various applications.
Disadvantages: Relatively high price, specific solutions may require customization.

Barco NV

Years of establishment: 1934
Company Information: Barco NV’s products include monitors, workstation platforms, monitors, image processors, LED displays, visual display systems, projectors and video walls. It also provides presentation and collaboration systems, 3D sound systems, networking solutions, AV streaming products, and related software products.
Product types: LED display wall, LED video wall, large projector, medical display screen, etc.
Pros: Extensive product line and international market share.
Cons: Relatively high price, may not be suitable for all budgets.

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Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.

Years of establishment: 1929
Corporate message: Christie brings great technology to people’s lives. From the first projectors manufactured in the 1960s to digital cinema projection that revolutionized the film industry, Christie continues to innovate and help partners create unforgettable shared experiences.
Product type: LED display wall, projector, large screen display, etc.
Pros: Offers a variety of display technologies, including projection and LED.
Cons: Relatively high price, complex installations may require professional technical support.

Absen Inc.

Years of establishment: 2000
Corporate Information: Absen Inc, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is the US subsidiary of Absen, a leading LED display manufacturer.
Since 2013, Absen has grown its U.S. team by hiring local industry experts with extensive knowledge of market conditions, customer needs and industry standards. We provide customers with innovative LED products of high quality and high value. The combination of great products and a knowledgeable sales team allows us to provide turnkey solutions with an outstanding customer experience.
Product type: LED video wall, indoor and outdoor LED display, rental screen, etc.
Pros: Focus on high quality and innovative LED display technology.
Cons: Relatively new to the US market with a small market share.

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Years of establishment: 2006
COMPANY INFORMATION: NanoLumens is a privately held US company that designs and manufactures digital LED displays. Since its inception in 2006, it has designed products that target the market gap between consumer flat panel displays and commercial outdoor LED billboards for indoor spaces. It’s best known for creating the world’s first large-format flexible display, the NanoFlex 112″; but now has a complete line of fixed indoor LED displays of any size, shape or curvature.
Product Type: Customized LED Display, Indoor and Outdoor LED Display, Curved and Flexible Screen, etc.
Advantages: Good at providing innovative curved and flexible LED display solutions.
Cons: Highly customizable and may require long lead times.

Lighthouse Technologies, Ltd.

Years of establishment: 1997
Corporate Information: Lighthouse Technologies Limited is a global leader in LED video display technology, developing, manufacturing and selling LED video display solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, media and entertainment events and sports venues around the world. With numerous technological breakthroughs, Lighthouse is an award-winning leader in the LED video display industry, maintaining the highest quality standards.
Product Type: Indoor and outdoor LED displays, stadium displays, digital billboards, etc.
Advantages: LED display technology that provides high brightness and high contrast.
Cons: Relatively small market share, fierce competition.

Shenzhen LED display

NEC Display Solutions

Years of establishment: 1963
Company information: NEC Display Solutions focuses on the development, manufacture and sales of visual display products and visual display solutions.
Product type: LED display wall, LCD display, projector, etc.
Advantages: Has a wide product line, including LED and LCD displays.
Disadvantages: Competition in the LED field is fierce and continuous innovation may be required.

ViewSonic Corporation

Years of establishment: 1987
Company information: ViewSonic is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that integrate software, hardware and services. Its product lines include monitors, projectors, electromagnetic pen displays, commercial monitors, dvLED monitors, smart interactive electronic whiteboards, digital teaching and content platforms. With more than 35 years of visual technology expertise, it has branched out into different video application fields and is deeply involved in the education, commercial, consumer entertainment, and professional display markets.
Deliver superior visual experiences by combining product, solution and ecosystem development.
Product type: LCD display, LED display wall, interactive flat panel display, etc.
Advantages: Provide diversified display solutions suitable for different fields.
Disadvantages: Small market share in the LED display wall market.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Years of establishment: 1969
Corporate Information: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. develops products and technologies used by world leaders in mobile, automotive, AR/VR, gaming, IoT, edge, artificial intelligence, and are enabling enterprise and hyperscale data centers Unprecedented growth.
Product type: LED display wall, LCD display, TV, etc.
Advantages: World-renowned brand, providing a variety of display technologies.
Disadvantages: relatively small market share in the LED display wall market, focusing on a variety of consumer electronics products.

In general, American LED display manufacturers occupy an important position in the global market, and have won wide recognition from customers with advanced technology, innovative products and perfect services. With the continuous growth of market demand and the continuous advancement of technology, these manufacturers will continue to lead the industry trend and promote the further development of LED display technology. In the future, we can expect more high-performance and high-quality LED display products to appear in our daily lives, bringing a more colorful visual experience.

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