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Top 10 LED screen rental companies in the UK

In today’s digital era, LED screens, as a powerful visual media tool, have become an important part of the advertising, entertainment and event industries. In the UK, LED screen rental companies play a key role in providing high-quality, innovative digital display solutions. Here are the top ten LED screen rental companies in the UK, revealing their position in the industry and the products and services they each offer.

LED screen rental companies

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2. Smart AV
4.Lightmedia Displays Ltd
5. Matrix UK Solutions Ltd


Corporate information: ADI is a global LED technology and creative company headquartered in England, focusing on providing LED screens and digital display solutions. Driven by innovation and driven by great business vision, ADI helps clients deliver unforgettable audience experiences and new opportunities to their partners and stakeholders. With a 30-year heritage in spectacular LED technology, event production and creative content services, deployed globally.
Product types: indoor and outdoor LED screens, LED billboards, digital signs, etc.
Product Features: High resolution, customizable, suitable for various activities and occasions.

Smart AV

2. Smart AV

Company information: Smart AV is an England-based creative technology company that provides a variety of event technology services, including LED screen rentals. Smart AV is committed to building strong, reliable and lifelong relationships with its customers. Our team take pride in what they do, Smart AV’s focus has always been to provide the best service possible, and Smart AV does this by delivering quality, reliable solutions every time.
Product types: indoor and outdoor LED screens, LED video walls, digital displays, etc.
Product features: Innovative technology integration, comprehensive technical support.



Corporate information: PSCo is a professional LED display technology supplier under Midwich Group, headquartered in England. PSCo is an expert in new technologies such as LED and laser projection, working closely with leading manufacturers such as Absen, Samsung and Epson to find the right solutions. We maintain an extensive product inventory and offer our partners favorable payment terms, customized and ready-made installation solutions, and comprehensive technical services.
Product type: LED display, video wall, interactive display, etc.
Product features: extensive product selection, technical consulting services.

Lightmedia Displays Ltd

4. Lightmedia Displays Ltd

Company information: England-based Lightmedia Displays is a professional LED screen supplier, providing rental and sales services. Featuring a range of freestanding mobile LED screens ranging in size from 12m² to 45m². Our mobile screens provide branding opportunities to all clients. Providing LED screens and production to the events industry for 25 years. Our goal is to provide first-class service, great attention to detail and comprehensive technical support for all types of events.
Product types: large outdoor LED screens, mobile LED screens, indoor LED displays, etc.
Product features: Professional team, flexible leasing plan.

Matrix UK Solutions Ltd

5. Matrix UK Solutions Ltd

Company information: Matrix UK Solutions is a professional AV technology provider based in England, providing a variety of digital display solutions. We offer a wide range of components for hosting amazing live events. Our team is experienced, engaged and passionate about helping you complete your project. We have a warehouse equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and technology, all of which will be tailored to your needs and event specifications.
Product Type: We provide LED screens, digital signage, indoor and outdoor LED video walls and other products.
Product features: Our products can be customized and have technology integration capabilities.



Company information: Pixelflex was founded in 2002 and has more than 20 years of industry experience. Pixelflex provides high-quality, customized and durable products to customers around the world and has become a trendsetter in the LED industry. Based on our revolutionary lightweight, flexible FLEXCurtain, we meet the ever-changing needs of the travel market. In addition, we offer a solution-based approach to design new products based on customer needs.
Product Type: Our product types include indoor and outdoor, single color and full color. The product range covers from small portable LED screens to large professional-grade LED displays. What is the difference between indoor LED display and outdoor LED display?
Product Features: We have developed a full range of FLEX series permanent installation and rental/staging products, including FLEXUltra, FLEXMod, reFLEXion, FLEXLite NXG, FLEXLite II, FLEXLite Plus, FLEXStorm, FLEXClear and FLEXCurtainHD.


7. Showtech

Company information: Showtech was founded in 1994. We provide various types of LED screen rental services, including sporting events, concerts, exhibitions and other occasions. We are passionate about innovation, technology and sustainability.
Product type: We provide indoor and outdoor, monochrome and full-color LED screens to meet the needs of different occasions. The product range covers portable LED screens, fixed installation LED displays and large professional-grade LED displays.
Product Features: We provide production design and performance technology to agencies, planners and producers.



Corporate Information: Elation specializes in servicing the theater and concert staging, rental, production, studio, broadcast, house of worship, corporate AV, exhibitions, nighttime design clubs, leisure, theme park and cruise ship markets.
Product type: We provide indoor and outdoor, monochrome and full-color LED screens to meet the needs of different occasions. The product range covers portable LED screens, fixed installation LED displays and large professional-grade LED displays.
Product Features: Elation’s groundbreaking, award-winning, patent-pending hybrid optical systems have made it one of the top brands in the professional lighting and video markets.



Company Information: Lighthouse provides LED video display solutions worldwide for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, media and entertainment events, and sports venues. As a leader in the LED video display industry, Lighthouse has numerous technological breakthroughs and always maintains the highest quality standards.
Product type: We provide indoor and outdoor, monochrome and full-color LED screens.
Product Features: We have award-winning M5 technology and powerful 4K HD LCM processor.



Company information: Followspot was founded in 2004. We specialize in opera houses, theatres, sound studios, photography studios, TV studios, concerts, live performances, showrooms, shops, museums, churches, places of worship, clubs, hotels, exhibition and congress halls, auditoriums and more Serve.
Product type: We provide indoor and outdoor, monochrome and full-color LED screens to meet the needs of different occasions. The product range covers portable LED screens, fixed installation LED displays and large professional-grade LED displays.
Product Features: Our LED screens have high brightness, high contrast and excellent color reproduction capabilities, providing excellent visual effects.

LED screen technology

In this rapidly developing digital era, the importance of LED screens continues to highlight, providing new possibilities for advertising, marketing, events and entertainment. The top ten LED screen rental companies in the UK create compelling digital experiences for their customers with their professional service, innovative technology and excellent customer satisfaction. Whether it is an indoor commercial display or an outdoor large-scale event, these companies play an irreplaceable role in meeting customer needs and providing high-quality LED screens and technical support. In the future, LED screen technology will continue to evolve, and these leading LED screen rental companies will continue to play a leading role in the field of digital creativity, bringing customers more amazing visual experiences.

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