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What is an LED cinema screen?

In recent years, forward-looking reports on the application of LED screens in cinemas have been seen in the press. In addition to continuing to promote technological maturity, Chinese small pitch LED screen enterprises have indeed done a lot of relevant work in promoting the implementation of applications in this field. Since this year, many Chinese LED suppliers have also expressed their strong desire to enter this field.

For the traditional LED display large screen market, the core competition focus is “dot pitch”. That is, to be able to manufacture more reliable products with smaller pixel spacing in a more economical way is the “main line of technical competition” in the LED display large screen industry.

LED cinema screen

What screens do cinemas use?

Cinemas are mainly composed of systems, high-definition players and display equipment. The system mainly includes audio and video player, multi-channel power amplifier and sound system; HD players have outstanding video decoding ability, excellent picture quality, and support Blu ray disc drive, hard disk video cabinet play, etc. At present, most of them are replaced by computers; In the early years, because there were few large screen TVs, the display devices were mainly projectors. Today, projectors are also popular with many friends because of their small size, light weight, convenient mobility and other advantages.

As we all know, projection equipment is still the main force of cinema projection equipment at present. In fact, this situation has hardly changed since the birth of film art 100 years ago. At the same time, however, film shooting and production technologies are constantly evolving, so that in some film sources, such as HDR and 3D, the lack of brightness will not only cause poor picture display, but also cause discomfort such as dizziness when watching for a long time.

In order to solve this problem, projection enterprises have adopted methods such as introducing laser light sources to improve the brightness. For small pitch LED screens, brightness is precisely its inherent advantage. Industry experts pointed out that mini/micro LED has a better effect on 3D film projection and can bring more realistic visual experience. Higher brightness also means that even if you watch for a long time, there will be no comfort problems. In addition, the LED screen brightness can be adjusted independently, which makes it clear whether it is used in the traditional dark environment or in the environment with bright light. Furthermore, LED film screens can not only watch movies, but also serve as background screens for weddings, press conferences and other scenes, which may provide some new ideas for the expansion of the business model of cinemas.

Micro LED panel

LED film screen, an active lighting technology, can make the presentation of film images more advantageous, but the cost is always an unavoidable problem, which also limits its rapid popularization.

But from the financial point of view, the feature of LED film screen is that the larger the size is, the lower the price is. Especially for the screen size of about 20 meters, LED film screen has the advantage of comprehensive cost; From the perspective of operation, under the impact of the Internet, traditional cinemas are facing an imminent new transformation and upgrading. HeyLED movies have emerged as the times require with a new operation mode, which helps cinemas to comprehensively transform and upgrade, and solve the problem of “watching movies for food” that has plagued cinema operations.

The Sostron LED film screen can provide technical and operational support for building an online celebrity cinema.

On the one hand, Sostron LED film screens are promoted through naked eye 3D and floating 3D experience films to solve the problem of film viewing homogeneity in cinemas, cultivate a new generation of LED film screen audience market, and improve ticket prices and attendance; On the other hand, the online operation team of Time China Cinema also provides online operation services for cinemas, introduces private domain traffic belonging to cinemas, and provides guarantee for diversified operations of cinemas.

However, this does not mean that LED movie screens have no disadvantages: for example, on the 10 meter screen mentioned above, LED is hard to match the economy of mature projection equipment. For another example, LED movie screen needs to improve the “pixel graining” problem for high-quality movie audio-visual entertainment appreciation. In this regard, the unique pixel surface optical processing technology of the Sostron LED film screen has greatly improved the pixel plumpness from about 15% of the ordinary LED screen to about 75%, greatly improving the pixel graininess problem of LED spot lighting.

small pitch LED display

Industry experts pointed out that in recent years, the application growth of LED display in the indoor market and close viewing scenes has become the core position of industry development, which has greatly promoted the development of LED display “pixel optical structure” design technology, and has accumulated a lot of industry experience to improve the problem of pixel graining. This is totally different from the situation that projection display always faces “brightness limit challenge” on the large screen.

DCI certification is a film projection effect and copyright protection standard dominated by Hollywood content parties. Although its legal status is a “voluntary enterprise group standard”, its global market practice over the years has made it a de facto industry access standard for “film screens and projection equipment” in the international market.

Relatively speaking, LED movie screen adopts the principle of self illumination, and can provide a variety of pixel spacing options to adapt to the viewing needs of cinemas with different specifications. In addition, there is no need for special equipment room and light path, so the design of the theater is more free, allowing the theater to make full use of the irregular space, increase the number of seats and improve the box office. Moreover, LED movie screens do not need to change lights, deal with speckle problems, or face the problem of screen vulnerability. As long as protective measures are taken, later operation and maintenance will be relatively easier.

As a cutting-edge application, LED film screens are still “fresh” in the market, which is easy to differentiate from cinemas using projection systems around them. Such applications also provide new ideas for cinemas to create new box office drainage IP. From the perspective of market space, technical advantages and other dimensions, LED display entering the film field is a direction worthy of attention.

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