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What is led billboard? How to make LED billboards?

With the development of society, all kinds of business signs appear in our life, and LED advertising signs are one of them. Led door advertising is loved by many businesses because of its various colors, symmetrical and beautiful luminous practical effects, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation, and easy installation and use. Do you want to know about LED display module?

What is led billboard?

Led billboards make full use of the energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics of LED light-emitting diodes to produce colorful signs.

Advantages of LED billboards

High brightness, the brightness of the product exceeds all other lighting equipment.

Windproof, waterproof and dustproof, it can operate all day and is not affected by bad weather conditions.

Strong visual impact, rich colors, fonts, patterns, animation can be made at will.

Replace traditional neon lights and other indoor and outdoor signs and lighting systems in flexible ways.

Energy saving, low operation cost and low power consumption.

LED billboards

How to make LED billboards?

Tools: 30W or 40W electric soldering iron, solder, electric drill, glue gun, screwdriver, etc.

Materials: molded iron characters, glass glue, resistors, wires, special power supply for LED signboards.

Method of making LED billboard

Drilling: fix the purchased shaped iron characters at the proper position, and drill with an electric drill: 5mm or 8mm. The spacing is determined according to the installation height and production cost of the external signboard system. Generally, the center spacing of LEDs is 10-30mm. The smaller the spacing, the better the effect and the higher the cost.

Inserting lamps: clean the drilled holes and place the lamps one by one.

Wiring: first connect in series and then connect in parallel to the power supply. This step is relatively difficult. Don’t worry. Each string of LED lights has a reserved wire head. Generally, the red wire head is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and the black wire head is connected to the negative pole of the special LED power supply.

Test aging: after connecting all the LEDs, check and deal with the unlit ones, and then conduct aging test for 24 hours.

Sealant: fix the LED on the iron sheet.

Retest and install.

Professional LED billboard production cost

Card making materials

The main materials are light box aluminum profile, stainless steel, galvanized plate, cold-rolled plate, plastic steel, etc. the production prices of various advertising light boxes are different, so the cost estimation of materials is still easy to calculate.

Production costs

The production cost of advertising light boxes generally includes the design cost of the design department and the processing cost of the production department. The design cost mainly depends on the design cost of the advertising light box. If the structure of the advertising light box is complex and the requirements are high, the cost is different.

Led billboard light source

Advertising light boxes are mainly led light sources, and lamps are also used in special cases. There are many manufacturers of LED light sources, and the light sources are very different from low-end light sources. LED light sources are selected in comprehensive use.


The panels include glass, acrylic acid, PC board, PVC board, etc. among them, PC board is more expensive, followed by acrylic acid, PVC board and glass. Due to the limited size of the panel, in order to make large-scale advertising light boxes, it is recommended to make card light boxes or pull light boxes.

Additional functions of LED billboard

If the advertising light box wants to add other functions, such as LED display or scroll system, the realization of these functions usually requires additional procurement, which can be estimated at the current market price.

Surface treatment technology

The price of advertising light box depends on its surface treatment technology. Whether it is painting, plastic painting or baking paint, the treatment process is different, and the cost is also very different.

Transportation cost of LED billboard

The transportation cost of the advertising light box is not fixed, which is estimated according to the transportation distance.

Led billboards, as one of the more outstanding ones in the process of selecting advertisements, are worth affirming such advertising effects and recognizing such advantages. Mastering the advertising design content is the most critical publicity.

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